Market Predictions For 2009

by Olivier on January 5, 2009

Welcome to 2009!


I’ve added a RGLD – Royal Gold weekly chart to my public list. The stock is a leader and I am going to monitor the pullback which has started today very closely for clues when to reenter the gold mining stocks aggressively again. I probably will reenter using HGU.TO


Another reversal attempt with DXO. Going to wait for the first pullback to see how it develops and if it is worth buying. I am watching both DXO and DIG as ways to play oil.


I’ve added TLT and TBT to my public list. Some guys out there suggest shorting long treasury bonds is going to be the trade of a lifetime. TLT sure looks like a top is in. Waiting for a double top / kiss of death / or any other kind of pullback to the recent high to enter the short side. TBT will be the way to do it.

Predictions for 2009 – Videos and links

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