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by Olivier on February 21, 2024

Received a great Testimonial from long-time member Dennis Donham.
Thank you Dennis!

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Testimonial Dennis February 18, 2024

Tischendorf Letter Testimonial

I cannot recommend the Tischendorf Letter Premium highly enough. Not only do I receive carefully researched stock momentum, more importantly I receive a weekly video of stock/market activity, with current and historical patterns clearly charted and explained. The Letter is  produced for investors at any level of sophistication or wealth. It is straightforward and lucid. The service is so much more than a stock advisory. It is an extraordinary teaching tool. Each video is a highly researched and highly prepared lecture/lesson. The annual cost is much less than a graduate level course in academe, and much better. It is relevant and always focused. Best of all, and this is the main reason to subscribe, the cost is easily returned on ONE successful trade. Perhaps just as significantly, the Letter is produced by a successful investor and analyst who puts his heart and soul into every edition. Subscribers get the “boss,” the “owner,” and the “research department” all in one. He does not hide behind anything. He is always there, 100% of the time, and we always know how he is investing his own money.

Dennis E. Donham
Wexford, Pennsylvania/USA

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