Tischendorf Letter Interview: Sector Rotation & How To Think As A Trader

by Olivier on April 17, 2016

The market has been relentlessly creeping higher since I was last interviewed. In this week’s interview with Mike Swanson from WallstreetWindow we take a closer look at the Sector Rotation going on right now. We simply try to find out what is propping up the markets.

Sector Rotation & How To Think as A trader

Tischendorf Letter Interview: Sector Rotation & How To Think As A Trader – mp3

The interview is also available on Mike Swanson’s website:

We discuss the following stocks and sectors:

  • OLED – Universal Display
  • TSLA – Tesla Motors
  • GDX – Gold Miners ETF
  • XLE – Energy ETF
  • IBB – Biotech ETF
  • SPY – S&P 500 ETF

Here’s the OLED- Universal Display chart I posted on Twitter before we did the interview:

The best traders are not afraid of holding on to strong stocks, they are afraid of holding on to losing stocks.

Click on OLED – Universal Display chart to enlarge:

OLED Universal Display Weekly Pattern Pressure Monsterstock Big Winner Stock Chart Price Target Analysis Organic Light Emitting Diodes

OLED – Universal Display is one stock I am very bullish because of its powerful weekly pattern pressure. But there is another important aspect that makes me bullish. Potential big winning stocks often display that often overlooked characteristic.

Listen to the interview and you will know exactly what I am looking for when searching for big winners!

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