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by Olivier on September 13, 2013

These 4 videos produced by Marketsmith’ president W. Scott O’Neil are simply outstanding videos. The trading wisdom and the quality insight  they impart are phenomenal and should be required viewing for beginning traders as well as experienced professional traders. Before you ask, yes, he is the son of William J. O’Neil who authored: ‘How To Make Money In Stocks’.

The videos explain exactly how emotions like greed, hope, fear, and pride affect your trading results and what you can do in order to become a successful and profitable trader. Why these videos have such a ridiculously low number of views is beyond me. Then again, quality insight and working on one’s weaknesses is not for everyone. Ultimately it comes down to learning technical analysis, be an Independent Thinker and to objectively read the market’s message. As a matter of fact, most people do not want to do that.

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Personally, I’ve made it a habit to re-watch these videos on a regular basis. You might want to do so as well.

Jesse Livermore Fear Greed Ignorance Hope Timeless Trading Quotes

More on emotions:

In a climax run you sell everything. – W. Scott O’Neil

Correctly read the market and keep your emotions in check!
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