PEGA Pegasystems Underfollowed Software Stock – Bullish Chart With Melt-Up Potential

by Olivier on November 26, 2016

This undiscovered software stock is printing new all-time highs almost on a daily basis. Still, the stock seems to be flying under the radar. The volume pattern is showing massive accumulation. Combine that with a stock that has no overhead resistance and you get a potentially explosive cocktail. The set-up currently offers serious ‘Melt-Up Potential’. A situation where buyers are scrambling to get in.

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It is important to keep in mind that the reason for big run-ups is only revealed AFTER the fact. Reasons for run-away price moves to the upside often are:

  • New customer wins
  • New disruptive technology
  • A new product announcement
  • The company getting bought out by a bigger player




Click on PEGA – Pegasystems weekly chart to enlarge:

pega pegasystems all-time high bullish software stock chart technical analysis melt-up potential

You can clearly see the bullish accumulation as the chart is moving on to new highs. ‘Blue Sky Potential’ stocks often are the best choice as bullish trends can accelerate dramatically. From a purely technical perspective, PEGA – Pegasystems has the potential to start a parabolic move.

Pegasystems provides business process automation software which includes sales, marketing, service and operations. What really caught my attention though, are the markets it is focused on:

‘The company primarily markets its software and services to financial services, healthcare, insurance, communications and media, public sector, manufacturing and life sciences.’

These are all markets that are perceived to massively benefit from the Trump win. That might very well be why Pegasystems has started such a powerful move.

As a technical trader my job is to find the best stocks for my subscribers early on. We focus on the charts to give us early clues. We enter when the technicals tell us to do so. We do not wait for an answer to the ‘Why?’ question. That way, we profit from the best and most profitable price moves!

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