Tischendorf Letter Interview: Avoid Bear Markets + Profit From Bull Markets

by Olivier on February 26, 2016

Mike Swanson from WallStreetWindow invited me to do a follow-up interview. In our previous interviews from 2013 and 2014, I was bearish on gold. In our current audio interview I talk about how the technical situation for GDX – Gold Miners ETF has improved and what to expect next.

I explain what new traders should pay attention to. How they can spot new up trends and what characterizes bull markets. I then expand on how important it is to adapt to changing technicals in the markets.

The interview covers the following individual stocks:

  • AAPL – Apple
  • TSLA – Tesla Motors
  • GDX – Gold Miners ETF
  • ABX – Barrick Gold
  • KGC – Kinross Gold

Tischendorf Letter Interview: Avoid Bear Markets + Profit Form Bull Markets – mp3

The interview is also available on Mike Swanson’s website:

While listening to the interview you can look at the charts we discuss below. For more details, review the corresponding articles. For more information on TSLA before it started to break down, watch my TSLA Video Analysis.

TSLA Tesla – Counter Trend Rally

TSLA Tesla Motors Bearish Wedge Counter Trend Rally Technical Trading Analysis Chart Pattern

AAPL Apple – Bearish Head and Shoulders Pattern & Price Targets

AAPL Apple Chart Update Bearish Descending Triangle Technical Analysis Price Targets

The 3 Key Lessons of the interview are:

  1. Don’t fall in love with a stock.
  2. When the technicals change, adapt to the new situation.
  3. Patiently wait for proper set-ups.

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