Leading Stock Charts of Winners Posted On Twitter – AMZN, REGN, OKTA, NET

by Olivier on April 21, 2020

Just wanted to do a quick update highlighting a few Big Winners I recently posted on Twitter.
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The charts told the story before the stocks made their move. Why a stock moves, how to read charts, how to apply TA Technical Analysis and most importantly how to gauge Pattern Pressure are skills needed to succeed as a trader.

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AMZN – Amazon monthly chart:

AMZN - Social Media - 09 April 2020

REGN – Regeneron Pharmaceuticals weekly chart:

REGN - Social Media - 09 April 2020-1

OKTA – Okta Inc. daily chart:

OKTA - Social Media - 21 April 2020

NET – Cloudflare daily chart:

NET - Social Media - 09 April 2020-1

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