Mike Swanson from WallstreetWindow invited me back for an audio interview! We discuss the differences and similarities in trading tech growth stocks and gold mining stocks.

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Tischendorf Letter Interview – ACIA & Gold Miners

http://www.tischendorf.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Mike Swanson on 2016-06-16 at 19.52.mp3

The interview is also available on Mike Swanson’s website:

Stocks covered in the interview:

  • DBA – Agriculture ETF
  • JO – Coffee ETF
  • SGG – Sugar ETF
  • GDX – Gold Miners ETF
  • FNV – Franco Nevada
  • OLED – Universal Display
  • ACIA – Acacia Communications

ACIA – Acacia Communications, the growth stock mentioned in the interview, provides high-speed interconnect products and has the potential to emerge as a leader offering disruptive technology for 100 G networks and data centers. As outlined in the interview, ‘new’ stocks usually offer more price appreciation potential than ‘old’ and already well-known stocks. They are the ones developing new game changing technologies. ACIA – Acacia Communications might develop into such a game changer.

Click on the ACIA – Acacia Communications chart to enlarge:

ACIA Acacia Communications New All Time High Stock Fiber Optics Networks Disruptive Technology Game Changer

07/14/16 – Chart Update:

ACIA - Acacia Communications Rectangle Breakout Analysis

Investors are the big gamblers. they make a bet, stay with it, and if it goes the wrong way, they lose it all. –Jesse Livermore

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The communication equipment stock NTGR – Netgear has developed an outstanding technical set-up. The weekly chart has built a picture perfect long-term ‘cup with handle formation’ that is offering ‘massive pattern pressure’.

NTGR – Netgear was recently highlighted in the Tischendorf Letter Premium. Members had plenty of time to build a position.

The stock is about to run higher on its way to new all time highs. Often times, being able to enter slightly before a stock is able to print a new all time high is extremely advantageous. An early cheater entry can offer much better odds than a plain ‘new all time high buy’. Such a set-up was recently highlighted with the YRD – Yirendai Technical Cheater Entry Buy.

Click on NTGR – Netgear weekly chart to enlarge:

NTGR Netgear Cup With Handle Chart Formation Bullish Pattern Pressure Set-Up

Massive, or near optimal bullish pattern pressure is crucial as it dramatically increases one’s odds to be positioned correctly. The stock has been accumulated for a long time and the chart implies that those in the know have been buying aggressively. Often, perfect technical set-ups are triggered by positive news being released. Hence the adage “Price precedes news”.

There obviously are no guarantees with trading. What we can do though, is to seek exposure to the best stocks the market has to offer, play the odds and trade in the direction of the path of least resistance! As there is no overhead resistance, NTGR – Netgear currently offers a great looking ‘Blue Sky Potential’ set-up.

The following two trading quotes capture the essence of great trading and apply to the current NTGR set-up:

Amateurs look for challenges, professionals look for easy trades. Losers get high from the action, the pros look for the best odds. -Alexander Elder 

‘Surprises’ aren’t a 50/50 proposition, they tend to occur in the direction of the dominant trend. -Richard Weissman

Trading is my passion. I do research and go through charts 24/7. You might not have time for all this work. Become a member, save time and get exposure to the best stocks the market has to offer! ➔ Tischendorf Letter Premium

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The online consumer finance stock YRD – Yirendai has long been part of the ‘Focused Watch List’ available for Premium Members. Although the market is not closed yet, it looks like YRD – Yirendai will take out the former pivot high created around a month ago.

This represents a great technical ‘cheater buying opportunity’. Technically speaking, it is a very interesting place to buy the stock. It is buying into strength after patiently waiting for the stock to confirm solid accumulation. On the other hand, it is anticipating a run to its all time high. Printing new all time highs will trigger a lot of technical buy orders. This cheater entry allows traders to position themselves just before the ‘all time high momentum traders’ rush into the stock.

Click on YRD – Yirendai chart to enlarge:

YRD Yirendai Stock With Blue Sky Potential Technical Strength China Finance

If YRD – Yirendai is on its way toward new all time highs it might consolidate a bit around the 15$ mark. Then the bullish ascending triangle in blue will provide excellent pattern pressure for a continued run to the upside. We are not there yet, but if the stock continues to be accumulated, odds are high it will power higher.

Technically speaking there will be no overhead resistance and YRD will offer ‘Blue Sky Potential’.

Company summary from Yahoo finance:
Yirendai Ltd. operates as an online consumer finance marketplace that connects borrowers and investors primarily in the People’s Republic of China. It offers standard, fasttrack, and vertical loan products. The company also provides credit scoring and fraud detection systems, and investing tools. The company was founded in 2012 and is based in Beijing, the People’s Republic of China. Yirendai Ltd. is a subsidiary of CreditEase Holdings (Cayman) Limited.

Remember, your goal is to trade well, not to trade often. -Alexander Elder

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The past few weeks the market has become increasingly difficult to trade. That’s why in this week’s interview with Mike Swanson from WallstreetWindow we discuss some new trading opportunities, ‘Real Trading vs. Unrealistic Expectations’ and what to do in the current market environment.

Audio Interview: How To Handle Earnings & Choppy Market Environments

Tischendorf Letter Interview: How To Handle Earnings & Choppy Market Environment – mp3

The interview is also available on Mike Swanson’s website:

We discuss the following stocks and sectors:

  • DBA – Agriculture ETF
  • AAPL – Apple
  • FB – Facebook
  • NFLX – Netflix
  • OLED – Universal Display
  • EBIX – Ebix.com
  • XLE – Energy ETF
  • XBI – Biotech ETF
  • GDX – Gold Miners ETF
  • UUP – US Dollar $USD
  • Marijuana & Cannabis – Trend Worth Monitoring

Check my past AAPL – Apple chart analyses where you can see the development of the bearish head and shoulders chart pattern formation. The current technical set-up still  implies lower prices:

AAPL Apple – Bearish Distribution Pattern

AAPL Apple – How To Avoid Bear Markets

Jesse Livermore On Being Wrong. Trading Quote I have long since learned, as all should learn, not to make excuses when wrong. Just admit it and try to profit from it. Jesse Livermore

I have long since learned, as all should learn, not to make excuses when wrong. Just admit it and try to profit from it. – Jesse Livermore

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The insurance software stock EBIX – Ebix.com Inc. was recently highlighted for members as a ‘High Potential Stock’. It displays several character traits that are typical for big winning stocks in the making.

In my videos that I produce exclusively for members, you get to know what these winning character traits are. Join the Tischendorf Letter Premium to learn how to spot big winners early on: https://members.tischendorf.com

One such character trait is obviously related to price. You can spot big future winners by scanning for stocks making new 52 week highs or new all time highs. EBIX fits that description.

Information a look at a pure price chart doesn’t reveal is the short interest. With EBIX, the short interest is simply mind-boggling. More than 30% of the current float has been shorted. Interestingly, EBIX features additional big winning stock character traits, but still, traders are in denial and shorting the stock like there’s no tomorrow.

EBIX Ebix.com Inc Short Interest Squeeze Potential Insurance Software All Time High Stock Chart Pattern Pressure

This often represents a great trading opportunity. If the stock continues to creep higher and keeps printing new all time highs, at some point in time the pressure on shorts will become unbearable. When they start to cover in earnest, everyone will rush to the exit at the same time. If we get a ‘throwing in the towel’ situation, this will be the start of a big short squeeze.

As you can see in the chart below EBIX – Ebix.com offers excellent overall pattern pressure.

Click on EBIX – Ebix.com Inc. chart to enlarge:

EBIX Ebix.com Excellent Overall Pattern Pressure All Time High Stock Chart Pattern Pressure Insurance Software

Momentum traders and technical traders buying new all time highs are already adding fuel to the fire.

Update 04/19/16:

EBIX has started to run higher and is now most likely on its way toward a ‘Conservative technical price target of $60′. The chart below shows how I use technical analysis principles in order to calculate a purely technical price target. I compressed the chart, that way the formations and the dominant chart patterns are much easier to identify.

Click on EBIX – Ebix.com price target chart to enlarge:

EBIX Ebix.com Insurance Software Stock Technical Price Target Calculation Bullish Conservative Technical Analysis

In my method of trading I buy after a stock makes a new high. – Jesse Livermore

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