We got early exposure to a new super winner! Just a quick post to highlight a picture perfect example how Members of the Premium Service got exposure to this New Leader early on. As you can see in the chart below, excellent timing is crucial. Due to our well timed entry we were able to accumulate a significant profit going into earnings. That cushion allowed us to manage risk appropriately and hold through earnings.

After earnings were announced, AAOI – Applied Optoelectronics started its super run. AAOI provides data centers with fiber optic networking products. This industry is one of the fastest growing sectors you can currently invest in.

      —> Tischendorf Letter Premium

Click on AAOI – Applied Optoelectronics daily chart to enlarge:

AAOI Applied Optoelectronics Super Winner - Performance Since Original Buy Point

AAOI is up  +84.49%  since our original buy point!

The weekly newsletter provides you with very focused information. You get to know the very best stocks with the best chart patterns that are ready to move. Typically 5-7 stocks are reviewed and highlighted in each video. I avoid information overkill at all costs.

The service is also well suited for new and intermediate traders. I explain in detail what I see, what you should pay attention to and why a stock is ready for a big move. Members tell me they love the educational value they get!

We already own several new potential big winners…

With a – Premium Membership – you get a weekly newsletter that highlights big winners early on. Every newsletter comes with a 20-30 min video. Grab a cup of coffee, lean back and find out about the best stocks and new market leaders!

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The Tischendorf Letter Premium Weekly – Out Now

by Olivier on February 13, 2017

The Tischendorf Letter Premium Issue 64 was just published a few hours ago. Since March 2016 every weekly issue comes with an easy to understand Video Analysis. Most videos are roughly 20 – 30 minutes. I share my screen, show you how I annotate charts and present the best chart set-ups, emerging themes and new High Potential Stocks that are ready to move higher!

Today we reached an important milestone!

50 Videos Milestone

There are now 50 Videos available!

The good news is, members joining the Tischendorf Letter Premium have access to all the content I have ever produced!


A lot of my members subscribe to all the major newsletters. They tell me the educational value of my newsletter is the very best they have experienced. If you are new to trading and want solid technical analysis education, why not give it a try?

➔   Tischendorf Letter Premium

The past months:

For several months I have urged members to ‘seek and maintain maximum exposure’. We have benefited tremendously from the run higher in November and December. We did not listen to predictions calling for a market crash or personal opinions. Sticking to price alone and almost 20 years of technical trading experience made all the difference.

Have you missed out on the rally that has been going on for more than a year now? You can change that!

As a member you will benefit from almost 20 years of technical trading experience. You will get:

  • Completely unbiased analysis
  • Exposure to the very best technical set-ups
  • Early exposure to new market leaders and emerging themes

A great example of a super winner members got exposure to is the Cannabis leader Canopy Growth – WEED.TO, TWMJF former CGC.TO. This stock was a monster winner for us. This one trade made sure we massively outperformed the S&P 500. The good part is, you did not even have to act quickly. Members knew of this opportunity weeks in advance and the massive story stock potential was outlined way ahead of the stock’s super run. Members were informed in advance and extremely well prepared to take advantage of this super run!

Canopy Growth WEED.TO CGC.TO TWMJF Chart

The ‘Next Potential Super Stock’ is shaping up!

We recently started buying into a stock that has outstanding potential. Catching only one such big winner every year is all you need to comfortably outperform the S&P 500. We are witnessing the early stages of another potentially big run to the upside. The story is just starting to unfold…

With a – Premium Membership – you get a weekly newsletter that highlights big winners early on. Every newsletter comes with a 20-30 min video. Grab a cup of coffee, lean back and find out about the best stocks and new market leaders!

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Plenty of materials and commodity related stocks have been running hot lately. Most of the time, we focus on the strongest stocks trading near their 52 week high or all-time high. STLD – Steel Dynamics and WLDN – Willdan Group are big winners we are currently holding in that sector.

Sometimes though, we focus on special situations that offer massive profit potential. LGCY – Legacy Reserves LP, a completely beaten down Oil and Natural Gas stock is offering such an opportunity. The  stock has recently executed a loan credit agreement that strengthens the stock’s balance sheet and provides time to benefit from an industry recovery and higher oil prices.

Join to find out about big winners early on:  Tischendorf Letter Premium

LGCY is a high risk play, but its Short Squeeze Potential is simply outstanding. I recently reopened a position as the stock was able to push through key price levels I highlighted for members.


Click on LGCY – Legacy Reserves LP daily chart to enlarge:


As you can see in the chart above, this is what happened:

  • Huge run-up on massive volume in April.
  • Resumption of the downtrend.
  • Monster volume spike in October.
  • Gap up breaking the stock’s downtrend.

The stock has been able to put in higher lows and higher highs ever since. Now volume is coming back into the stock. If this pattern continues, the stock will be able to print additional higher highs. Every new high will put incredible pressure on traders and ultimately force them to cover their short positions.

We are witnessing the first signs of technical strength. The tide might have finally turned. During those initial stages of a Big Trend Change the majority of traders are not positioned correctly. The downtrend has been so brutal that traders have come to expect the stock to go down forever. When the facts change, it is easy to be in denial and fight the new uptrend. This is precisely what provides the fuel for a massive short squeeze.

The only thing the stock needs to do now is to cross the blue line. If we see a big short squeeze the former pivot high will act as a magnet providing us with a technical Price target around $4.00. Use a stop loss to protect your capital.

With a – Premium Membership – you get a weekly newsletter that highlights big winners early on. Every newsletter comes with a 15-30 min video. Grab a cup of coffee, lean back and find out about the best stocks and new market leaders!

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This undiscovered software stock is printing new all-time highs almost on a daily basis. Still, the stock seems to be flying under the radar. The volume pattern is showing massive accumulation. Combine that with a stock that has no overhead resistance and you get a potentially explosive cocktail. The set-up currently offers serious ‘Melt-Up Potential’. A situation where buyers are scrambling to get in.

Members were alerted to this ‘High Potential Stock’ 2 weeks ago: Tischendorf Letter Premium

It is important to keep in mind that the reason for big run-ups is only revealed AFTER the fact. Reasons for run-away price moves to the upside often are:

  • New customer wins
  • New disruptive technology
  • A new product announcement
  • The company getting bought out by a bigger player




Click on PEGA – Pegasystems weekly chart to enlarge:

pega pegasystems all-time high bullish software stock chart technical analysis melt-up potential

You can clearly see the bullish accumulation as the chart is moving on to new highs. ‘Blue Sky Potential’ stocks often are the best choice as bullish trends can accelerate dramatically. From a purely technical perspective, PEGA – Pegasystems has the potential to start a parabolic move.

Pegasystems provides business process automation software which includes sales, marketing, service and operations. What really caught my attention though, are the markets it is focused on:

‘The company primarily markets its software and services to financial services, healthcare, insurance, communications and media, public sector, manufacturing and life sciences.’

These are all markets that are perceived to massively benefit from the Trump win. That might very well be why Pegasystems has started such a powerful move.

As a technical trader my job is to find the best stocks for my subscribers early on. We focus on the charts to give us early clues. We enter when the technicals tell us to do so. We do not wait for an answer to the ‘Why?’ question. That way, we profit from the best and most profitable price moves!

With a – Premium Membership – you get a weekly newsletter that highlights big winners early on. Every newsletter comes with a 15-30 min video. Grab a cup of coffee, lean back and find out about the best stocks and new market leaders!

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One of the most popular stocks out there is undoubtedly TSLA – Tesla Motors. Its charismatic leader Elon Musk is widely followed, sadly the technicals of the stock remain bearish.

In this quick 4 min video I explain why the overall chart pattern remains bearish:

TSLA – Tesla Motors: 4 Minute Video Analysis

  • All major moving averages are now trending down
  • Price is trading below all the major moving averages
  • The slower and very important MA 200 is threatening to roll over

As you can see in the chart, Tesla hit an area of multiple resistance. Whenever price gaps into ‘Confluence of Resistance’ it usually gets rejected on the first attempt.

Click on TSLA – Tesla Motors daily chart to enlarge:

tsla tesla bearish chart technical analysis scenario explained video how to protect yourself

What is worrisome here is the underlying trading psychology. Elon Musk indicated Tesla might be on the verge of becoming profitable. This is probably the most bullish piece of news you would expect from a CEO during a company’s conference call.

A quick look at the chart reveals the whole story. Price reacted very badly to that piece of news and over the past few days the stock was hit with relentless selling pressure. We now have a stock that wasn’t able to react well to good news and keeps trending down.

‘Price Precedes News’ is the famous market adage that comes to mind here. In Tesla’s case it could mean bad things are to come. If price does accelerate to the downside, bad news would simply add fuel to the fire and confirm the current downtrend.

There is good news though. You do not need to ride a stock during a waterfall decline. Using a stop loss can protect you from big and painful losses.

With a Premium Membership you get a weekly newsletter where you learn ‘How to make money’ and more importantly, ‘How to protect your profits’. Every newsletter comes with a 15-30 min video. Grab a cup of coffee, lean back and find out about the best stocks and new market leaders!

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