Today PFE – Pfizer announced they will acquire MDVN – Medivation for $14 billion. The stock went up almost 20% when news hit the wires! Three weeks ago MDVN – Medivation was highlighted for members as a High Potential Stock pick.

My job is to make sure members of the Tischendorf Letter Premium have exposure to the best sectors at the right time. Every week I select the best stocks within those sectors. A stock is only highlighted when it offers great pattern pressure. It also needs to meet several other criteria that increase odds for an explosive move to the upside.

MDVN – Medivation met all those criteria. It was recommended as a very low risk set-up offering a great way to get exposure to the Biotech sector. This chart shows how members made money:

Click on MDVN – Medivation chart to enlarge:

MDVN Medivation Buy Point PFE Pfizer Takeover Biotech Stock Chart Profit Technical Analysis Review

My research and technical scanning strongly suggested increasing exposure to Biotech and Energy stocks. I then shared this observation with my members.

A premium membership offers the following benefits:

  • Trade idea generation.
  • Videos. You get to see the stocks I am focusing on.
  • Ongoing education. I explain key technical concepts and how I trade specific stocks.

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This small cap next generation software technology stock was recently highlighted as a High Potential Stock for members. RDCM – Radcom announced a profitable quarter and was chosen by AT&T to transform and modernize its network. The company specializes in NFV – Network Functions Virtualization.

Explained in simple terms, it means the need for new hardware is reduced. Existing hardware is replaced by software running in the cloud. A huge shift towards next-generation Software-Centric Networks and SDN – Software-Defined Networking is underway. I expect more big telecommunication companies to upgrade their wireless and broadband network infrastructure.

Click on RDCM -Radcom monthly chart to enlarge:

RDCM Radcom Next Generation NFV Networks Software Stock Technical Analysis Price Chart AT&T $RDCM $T

RDCM – Radcom is now profitable, offers huge long-term pattern pressure. The monthly chart looks bullish and the stock is on the verge of being discovered by bigger players. If more contracts similar to the one announced with T – AT&T materialize, big institutional money will quickly discover the stock. RDCM – Radcom might very well be a big winner in the making. Members are positioned accordingly.

Chart Update & Technical Analysis Thoughts 08/31/16:

Click on RDCM -Radcom daily chart to enlarge:

RDCM Radcom NFV Network Functions Virtualization Bullish Chart Technical Analysis Volatility Contraction

RDCM – Radcom’s chart set-up continues to look extremely bullish for the following reasons:

  • Zero Selling Pressure
  • Bullish Volume Decrease
  • Volatility Contraction

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We are in the midst of earnings season. The perfect time to remind ourselves that it is not the news itself that is important. What is important is how price reacts to news!

Here is the passage with timeless trading wisdom from Marty Schwartz: ‘The Pit Bull Guide to Successful Trading’ explaining that key issue. This is crucial information as it is a great reminder successful trading is often counterintuitive. A concept most traders struggle with.

Marty Schwartz Market Reaction to News Price Counterintuitive Psychology Quote Pit Bull Success

How the Market Reacts to News

Bob Zoellner taught me a very important indicator about how the market reacts to news. If the market gets negative news and the market shrugs it off and it continues to go up, this is a bullish reaction because it means the market has already discounted the news. On the other hand, a sign of a fully priced market is one that reacts poorly to good news. In terms of stocks, some investors are puzzled when good news causes a decline in stock price. Investors should understand that this “good news” had already been priced into the issue. My favorite lesson that Bob Zoellner taught me is that when the stress gets so great that you think you might vomit, you should probably double your position, but only if you are then willing to use a tight stop loss on the entire position. – Marty Schwartz

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Marty Schwartz Trading Psychology Quotes

And last but not least, another great quote from Market Wizard Marty Schwartz speaking at Amherst College:

“I like to compare markets to natural events… markets are living, breathing organisms. You have to adjust with them and continually change your methods.”

Lean back and watch Marty’s speech on FinanceTrends. A written summary is included:

Members benefit from close to 20 years of trading experience! We talk about these psychological concepts and trade accordingly ➔ Join as a Premium Member

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Most traders are currently bearish for $WTIC Light Crude Oil. But, if you look at the price chart, you see a bullish inverted complex head and shoulders formation in the making. This is a classic Reversal Chart Pattern. A technical set-up indicating that oil prices might have found an intermediate bottom.

Click on $WTIC – Light Crude Oil daily chart to enlarge:

$WTIC - Bullish Inverted Complex Head And Shoulders Pattern Price Reversal Bottom Light Crude Oil Technical Analysis

How did members put on trades profiting from this trading idea?

Intensive research alerted me early on to oil stocks.  They were popping up in my scans. The next step was to identify the strongest stocks trading at an all-time high. It turns out a lot of them are part of the Permian Basin in Texas.

The strongest stock was easy to spot for an experienced trader. So, as soon as I had identified this potential big winner, I highlighted the company in the ‘High Potential Stocks’ video section for members.

Get alerted to big winners early on: Tischendorf Letter Premium

The stock is PE – Parsley Energy. Look at that great reaction to earnings!

Click on PE – Parsley Energy daily chart to enlarge:

PE Parsley Energy Great Reaction To Earnings Technical Analysis Price Chart Crude Oil Texas Permian Basin

It was displaying typical character traits of a leading stock. I show members exactly what to look for and what all leading stocks have in common.

Some Oil stocks in the Permian Basin worth monitoring are:

  • PE – Parsley Energy
  • PXD – Pioneer Natural Resources
  • RSPP – RSP Permian
  • FANG – Diamondback Energy
  • CPE – Callon Petroleum
  • CXO – Concho Resources

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You follow the markets very closely? Then you have come across the Medical Devices sector. It is one of the strongest sectors out there. The performance of IHI – Medical Devices ETF has been phenomenal. This year, IHI has printed new all-time highs almost on a daily basis.

Members of the Tischendorf Letter Premium are profiting from that insight! We focused on High Potential Stocks within the Medical Devices sector for several months.

We own a super winner, MZOR – Mazor Robotics. The stock is displaying all the typical character traits of big leading stocks. The field it is operating in, computer assisted spinal surgery procedures, has outstanding potential. Just have a look at ISRG – Intuitive Surgical, a great winner the sector has produced in the past.

Click on MZOR – Mazor Robotics daily chart to enlarge:

MZOR Mazor Robotics - Monster Stock In The Making Surgery Spinal Brain Technical Analysis Bullish Price Chart Pattern

As you can see in the chart annotations above, bullish chart signals are all over the place. This is how the chart pattern set-up developed:

  • First Bullish Volume Thrust
  • Game Changing News
  • Gap Up
  • Huge Volume
  • Thrusting Move
  • Consolidation Flag Pattern
  • Resumption of the Uptrend

Members who are not full-time traders can’t do this intensive scanning every day. Being a member saves you a lot of time as I do most of the work. I check the news, go through hundreds of charts every day and find the stocks with the best chart patterns.

Then I highlight them in the Premium Weekly Newsletter. Every newsletter contains a video where I explain important technical concepts in simple and easy to understand terms. You can look over my shoulder and see exactly how I analyze the markets and how I find big winning stocks!

MZOR – Mazor Robotics has entered a collaboration with MDT – Medtronic. This is a game changer. Now the stock is on its way to take out its all time high. We might have a tiger by the tail here. We have big profits and are already up +40% in 6 weeks. We are holding the stock as it offers plenty of further upside potential.

The latest super winner we bought is now up more than +30% in 1 week! The stock has tremendous potential, it is part of a sector flying under the radar and we are most likely at the beginning stage of a much larger move. If you would like to know what sectors I am looking at and how I find the next big winning stocks join me. Let’s hunt for the next big winner!

Hunting for Leading Stocks ➔ Tischendorf Letter Premium

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