AAPL Apple Chart Update: Downside Price Targets Remain – Bearish Technicals

February 24, 2016

The development with Apple is worrisome. Here’s an important technical update of the AAPL – Apple chart and my thoughts on APPL’s future price development. The massive bearish head and shoulders pattern outlined in my recent AAPL Apple Chart Analysis remains firmly in place. The distribution pattern hasn’t reached its technical target yet. Quite the […]

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AAPL Apple Stock Chart With Bearish Distribution Pattern – Technical Price Target

February 2, 2016

The topping formations with indices like the QQQ – Nasdaq 100 ETF and the SPY – S&P 500 ETF are still very much alive. There is tremendous distribution going on in the markets. There is no way to tell if this is going to end up only being an intermediate term top, something that in hindsight […]

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Join Now! Tischendorf Letter Premium Introductory Price Expires In 2 Days

January 31, 2016

The Tischendorf Letter Premium introductory price expires on February 1st. On February 2nd the price will go up. Act now to lock in the lower price offer. Here’s a quick reminder of what you get: Technical analysis education from a discretionary position trader with 17 years of trading experience. My trading method is a combination […]

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Tesla Motors. Is TSLA Stock A Buy, Hold Or Sell? Easy To Understand Chart Analysis Video

December 23, 2015

One of the most widely followed stocks, TSLA – Tesla Motors, is about to reach a very critical chart juncture. The CEO Elon Musk is famous for his involvement in SCTY – Solarcity and SpaceX. Everything looks bright, like the iconic Tesla logo: Let’s take a look under the hood and see what a simple and easy to […]

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Twitter TWTR vs. Facebook FB – How To Avoid Bearish Trends – Technical Lesson Case Study

December 22, 2015

The bearish trend with Twitter – TWTR keeps trapping a lot of traders. This price behavior is the exact opposite of social media winning stock Facebook – FB. Following a few simple technical guidelines will help you avoid painful losses in the future. I believe the main reason why so many are stuck in ‘hope […]

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Tischendorf Letter Premium and 1-on-1 Skype Coaching

November 29, 2015

Today I have great news to announce. Over the years I got plenty of emails urging me to offer a Premium service. I have finally taken the plunge. Here’s what I offer: Tischendorf Letter Premium  &  1-on-1 Skype Coaching My goal has always been to help you understand the markets and help you become a better trader. This is […]

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BSQR BSquare – IoT Software Stock – Bullish ABC Chart Pattern

October 13, 2015

Overall the market still isn’t displaying optimal conditions for position traders yet. But there are lots of constructive chart patterns emerging. My scanning is starting to generate more and more decent chart set-ups. As I’ve said in the past, the main reason I scan is not to find candidates that are worth buying the next […]

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Strong Stocks With No Overhead Resistance Charts: WK Workiva, MXL MaxLinear, IPHI Inphi

October 7, 2015

As I just posted on Twitter, I am very pleased with my summer break timing. I kept almost all of this year’s profit, protected precious mental capital and recharged my batteries. The past two weeks I’ve gone through lots of charts and have rebuilt my watch list. To be more precise, I usually run a very extensive watch […]

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SBIO Best-Of-Breed Biotech ETF – Bullish Measuring Gap Signal – Higher Prices Ahead

July 19, 2015

Recently I posted a chart of the SBIO – ALPS Medical Breakthrough ETF. Here’s my original tweet: $SBIO Best-of-breed Biotech ETF with measuring gap pattern. $IBB $XBI $RDUS pic.twitter.com/noinl0izND — Olivier Tischendorf (@Tischendorf) July 15, 2015 Here’s the chart in case you can’t see it: Best-of-breed Biotech ETF is the most fitting term that comes to mind. […]

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How To Profit From India’s Bull Market – HDB HDFC Bank – Financial Stock With Strong Chart

July 18, 2015

India is shaping up to resume its bull market. The most natural thing to do, as I wrote in my chart annotations, is to look for the strongest stocks around. Get exposure to the best stocks. That’s how you dramatically increase your odds of profiting from a bull market that might unfold in India. Ideally […]

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