TSEM Tower Semiconductor – Pattern Pressure With Bullish Price Targets

January 20, 2015

The chart of TSEM – Tower Semiconductor is displaying an overall bullish look. There is a lot of pattern pressure as the stock has formed a bullish flag pattern. It looks like TSEM broke out to the upside today. If that’s indeed the case then TSEM should proceed to take out and close above 14$ [...]

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CCJ Cameco Uranium Stock Downside Trend Acceleration – Trading Opportunity

January 16, 2015

Right now one of the most visible and biggest Uranium stocks, CCJ – Cameco or CCO.TO in Canada, is offering a great trend following trading opportunity. I did a quick video analysis explaining what I see and analyzed the current technical situation from a psychological perspective. The key points are the following: Since Fukushima, which [...]

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BBRY Blackberry – Cloud Based Internet Of Things IoT Software Platform

January 10, 2015

If the Internet of Things ‘IoT’ is the next big thing, then BBRY – Blackberry with its recent launch of a cloud-based IoT platform has the potential to become a red hot stock. I bought an initial position as you can see here: $BBRY launches cloud based #IoT platform. High potential stock. Bought initial position. [...]

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MIFI Novatel Wireless – ‘Internet Of Things IoT’ High Potential Stock

January 5, 2015

Today’s winner in a sea of red is MIFI – Novatel Wireless, former ticker symbol NVTL. As I pointed out today on Twitter and Stocktwits when the stock was trading @ 3.30, right now this is my favourite really aggressive small cap play: $MIFI Holding up well the past few days. My favourite high potential [...]

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RDCM Radcom – High Potential Stock With Bullish Monthly Pattern Pressure

December 28, 2014

The Russell 2000 has just put in a 52 week closing high. Pattern pressure is huge, so if small caps start to outperform, this could be the beginning of a strong trend to the upside. Probably the most explosive small cap stock under extreme accumulation I can find right now is RDCM – Radcom. The [...]

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ISSI Integrated Silicon Solution – Chart With Bullish Accumulation Volume Pattern

December 13, 2014

This is a very interesting semiconductor company chart. ISSI – Integrated Silicon Solution is displaying early signs of aggressive accumulation. Although ISSI might not be an immediate buy here, I bought an initial position. Here are a few reasons why this stock could be a future winner in the making: ISSI printed a new 10 [...]

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RDWR Radware – Bullish Monster Accumulation Pattern Continues

December 12, 2014

Quick technical chart update for RDWR – Radware as the monster accumulation pattern continues. This is how superstocks begin their moves. Here is what I pointed out in my original analysis: RDWR – Radware ‘Institutional players with deep pockets accumulating as much as they can’ Click on RDWR chart to enlarge: The weekly pattern pressure [...]

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RDWR Radware Cyber Security Stock – Aggressive Accumulation Pattern

December 5, 2014

It simply doesn’t get much better than this. The charts are obviously bullish and should be pretty much self-explanatory. RDWR – Radware is displaying huge volume spikes. These are the footprints of institutional players with deep pockets accumulating as much as they can. The gap that started the move is a break-away gap. This is [...]

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MMYT Makemytrip – Bullish Up-Trend For India Travel Stock Continues

December 4, 2014

The Bull Market in India is still alive and kicking. A travel stock I highlighted early on was Uptrend just started with MMYT – Makemytrip. The current set-up for MMYT – Makemytrip is very bullish and odds are the up-trend will continue. Ideally the stock should start to move right now on its way toward the [...]

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QTWO Q2 Holdings – Bullish All Time High Stock Trade Idea

December 1, 2014

Bullish looking stock trade idea. The chart says it all. Great overall pattern pressure. Then the earnings related break out to new all time highs on huge volume. Then the tight and bullish consolidation we are witnessing now. Odds are QTWO – Q2 Holdings will resume its new uptrend in ABC pattern fashion very soon. [...]

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