CORN ETN Technical Analysis – Potential Head And Shoulders Bottom Chart Formation

February 20, 2014

I recently went long the JO – Coffee ETN mostly because of purely technical reasons. The bullish flag chart pattern was one of the most obvious ones I came across in quite a while. Still I didn’t expect such fireworks in such a short amount of time. That being said the chart has completed a picture [...]

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FTEK Fuel Tech Deep Pullback Trade – Technical Buying Opportunity

February 19, 2014

The market is somewhat choppy and lately trading breakouts has become a challenge. That’s when buying deep pullback plays hitting multiple support can make a lot of sense. That being said , FTEK – Fuel Tech is a stock I highlighted a while back that is now offering such a deep pull-back entry opportunity. FTEK [...]

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Coffee ETN JO Early Signs Of Potential Trend Change

February 13, 2014

The iPath Coffee ETN JO is showing early signs of a potential trend change. As outlined in the chart annotations JO – Coffee ETN is giving us quite a few clues something has indeed changed. To talk about a new bull market in coffee is way too early but a new up-trend might be in [...]

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GTI Graftech International – Graphite Stock With Bullish ABC Chart Pattern

January 13, 2014

Quick trade idea post highlighting GTI – Graftech International a graphite play. GTI is a slow mover but is displaying a bullish ABC pattern that is worth playing as the stock is starting to break out to the upside. In a few days we will now if the thrusting move leading into the consolidation pattern [...]

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OTIV OTI On Track Innovation – Bullish ABC Pattern Chart Update

January 10, 2014

By now you should know I am always on the lookout for bullish ABC patterns. Nothing really complex. Very reliable. Simple to spot. Simple to find if you do simple above average volume scans. And it is rather easy to define your risk the closer to the apex of the triangle you enter. Put another [...]

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RPTP Raptor Pharmaceuticals – Impending Bullish Ascending Triangle Breakout

January 9, 2014

The Biotech sector still is one of the strongest sectors out there. A great looking stock would be RPTP – Raptor Pharmaceuticals which is setting up nicely here on the weekly chart. Bullish ascending triangle with is about to test the upper trend line and might continue to run if it manages to break out [...]

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ENT Global Eagle Entertainment vs. GOGO Inc – Technical Analysis Comparison Charts

January 8, 2014

Quick chart comparison of the two companies fighting a huge battle in the in-flight entertainment business or simply put: wireless internet access for airlines. The battle I am referring to is mainly being fought out in the blogosphere and the social media arena. I have no idea which company is better, which valuation is more [...]

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LSG Lake Shore Gold Island Reversal Potential – Predictive Charting vs. Reactive Trading

January 5, 2014

I am starting to see the possibility for LSG – Lake Shore Gold to put in a meaningful bottom. If the outlined scenario in my annotated chart indeed materializes, the highest odds chart formation for such a bottom to form would be an ‘Island Reversal’. For those of you not familiar with island reversals and [...]

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BWEN Broadwind Energy – Bullish Inverse Head And Shoulders Chart Pattern

January 4, 2014

Another quick stock trading idea that is part of the Clean Energy / Renewable Energy Investment Theme. BWEN – Broadwind Energy has formed an inverse head and shoulders pattern on the weekly chart. Great momentum. Great volume surge. Buyers are aggressive and busy accumulating stock. An overall bullish pattern. The stock might need a bit [...]

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FTEK Fuel-Tech Air Pollution And Emission Control Stock – Technical Chart Analysis

January 4, 2014

Another investment theme that looks very promising going forward: Air Pollution / Emission Control.  China has a massive air pollution problem. According to the numbers I’ve seen this is an understatement. The toxic air in big Chinese cities is unsustainable. China has no choice – it has to address that problem. Shutting down airports and [...]

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