Audio Interview – How To Trade Parabolic Moves, MXWL Maxwell Technologies, Gold, SMH Semiconductor Index

March 20, 2014

Mike Swanson who runs was so kind as to interview me again. He asked me about my thoughts on Parabolic moves, Gold, the next sector with the potential to move higher, SMH – Semiconductor Index ETF, and to describe the entry rationale of one of my recent trades MXWL – Maxwell Technologies. We also talked [...]

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Niccolò Machiavelli The Prince – Insight for Traders ‘Change Of Fortune And Adapting’

March 15, 2014

The market environment has somewhat changed over the past few days. Former leaders are not acting as well as they used to and the jury is still out if we are headed towards a meaningful correction or if we are in the process of further constructive rotation. Further sector rotation would allow for the market [...]

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Michael Platt Hedge Fund Market Wizard – How To Pick A Trader

March 10, 2014

Am currently reading Jack D. Schwager: ‘Hedge Fund Market Wizards – How Winning Traders Win’. A great book I do recommend. So far, the interview that most resonated with me was the one with Michael Platt. Here’s the passage that I liked best (page 276): Jack Schwager: You have picked a lot of traders in [...]

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GMT GATX Corp Blue Sky Potential Railcar Stock – Chart With No Overhead Resistance

February 24, 2014

Quick educational chart post highlighting GMT – GATX Corp, a stock that is offering ‘Blue Sky Potential’ as it is entering all time high territory and has no Overhead Resistance. Everybody holding the stock is in the green. From a purely psychological perspective selling pressure is greatly reduced as neither traders nor investors are experiencing any [...]

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FRO Frontline Shipping Stock – Bottoming Tails Cluster Stock Chart Pattern

February 23, 2014

Reviewing FRO – Frontline with an updated chart and my technical analysis thoughts. As outlined in a recent post I still think the Shipping Stocks Turnaround Investment Theme will play out. In the aforementioned post I analyzed the big cap stock DRYS – Dryships. At the time I stated FRO – Frontline and SBLK – Star Bulk [...]

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FTEK Fuel-Tech Bullish Weekly Hammer Candle – Technical Chart Analysis Update

February 22, 2014

Quick chart update for FTEK – Fuel-Tech a position I initiated this week. The weekly chart is now displaying an almost picture perfect bullish hammer candle pattern. As outlined in my chart annotations a picture perfect hammer candlestick would tend to have a white body on top of a long tail / wick / shadow. [...]

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Silver Potential New Bullish Uptrend With Low Risk Entry – SLV AGQ USLV

February 22, 2014

Another commodity is setting up for a low risk entry. I am talking about Silver which is displaying somewhat similar characteristics as the JO – Coffee ETN displayed recently. The thrusting move is not as strong as with JO and volume is not convincing enough as of yet. Still, the potential bear trap and the [...]

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CORN ETN Technical Analysis – Potential Head And Shoulders Bottom Chart Formation

February 20, 2014

I recently went long the JO – Coffee ETN mostly because of purely technical reasons. The bullish flag chart pattern was one of the most obvious ones I came across in quite a while. Still I didn’t expect such fireworks in such a short amount of time. That being said the chart has completed a picture [...]

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FTEK Fuel Tech Deep Pullback Trade – Technical Buying Opportunity

February 19, 2014

The market is somewhat choppy and lately trading breakouts has become a challenge. That’s when buying deep pullback plays hitting multiple support can make a lot of sense. That being said , FTEK – Fuel Tech is a stock I highlighted a while back that is now offering such a deep pull-back entry opportunity. FTEK [...]

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Coffee ETN JO Early Signs Of Potential Trend Change

February 13, 2014

The iPath Coffee ETN JO is showing early signs of a potential trend change. As outlined in the chart annotations JO – Coffee ETN is giving us quite a few clues something has indeed changed. To talk about a new bull market in coffee is way too early but a new up-trend might be in [...]

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