Bullish Biotech Stocks CLDN Celladon, QURE Uniqure – Charts Trading At All Time High

March 10, 2015

These are two extremely bullish looking Biotech stock charts. Both are trading near their respective all time high. I recently posted them on Twitter and wanted to highlight them: CLDN – Celladon CLDN recently gapped above its all time high. From a purely technical perspective this is the most bullish price behaviour you could possibly […]

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How To Trade Super Stocks: TSLA vs. XON Intrexon Technical Analysis Case Study

March 8, 2015

If you follow me on Twitter you will have noticed my latest tweet on what to expect during uptrends and downtrends: TA 101: In downtrends, surprise moves tend to be to the downside $GDX $GDXJ In uptrends, surprise moves tend to be to the upside $IBB $XBI — Olivier Tischendorf (@Tischendorf) March 8, 2015 This […]

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China Shanghai A-Shares ETFs CAF PEK ASHR FXI – Chart Analysis With Bullish Price Targets

March 1, 2015

A few months back I created a sector overview chart containing China ETFs and Shanghai A-Share ETFs. The huge move in the Shanghai Index SSEC looks like a long-term breakout implying much higher prices down the road. No matter what happens in the long run, the short to intermediate term outlook looks very bullish as […]

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MVNR Mavenir Systems – Mobile Internet Voice Over LTE VoLTE Bullish Stock Chart

February 14, 2015

Quick technical update for a stock I mentioned on Twitter. A few weeks ago the stock printed a ‘Silent Alarm’ candle. Although follow through came with a delay, the implication is the same. The ‘Silent Alarm’ pattern is simply a means to accumulate as many shares as possible while still flying under the radar before […]

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IPHI Inphi Bullish Chart – Technical Analysis Implies Higher Price Targets

February 12, 2015

In order to find potential big winners in the making there is really not much you need to do. You look for big institutional volume footprints and you monitor how stocks react to earnings releases. I cannot repeat this often enough: Trading is not about guarantees. It is about waiting for all the stars to […]

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IoT + M2M Sector Overview – Potentially Bullish Chart Set-ups For SWIR, MIFI, SIGM

February 3, 2015

Quick update with my thoughts on a few stocks that are part of the IoT ‘Internet Of Things’ and the M2M ‘Machine To Machine’ sector. The annotations I drew into the chart reflect my bullish bias for SWIR – Sierra Wireless, SIGM Sigma Designs and especially for MIFI Novatel Wireless. SWIR – If the stock […]

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RGLS Regulus Therapeutics – Potential Biotech Super Stock

January 27, 2015

The Biotech sector IBB, XBI, FBT etc. is still the best performing sector out there. The Semiconductor sector SMH, is acting very strong and is somewhat more interesting as single stock risk is generally less pronounced as opposed to individual Biotech stocks that disappoint. But Biotech is outperforming Semiconductors right now. So one simply cannot […]

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SIMO Silicon Motion Technology – Semiconductor Stock With Blue Sky Potential

January 22, 2015

The chart of SIMO – Silicon Motion Technology is a stock offering ‘Blue Sky Potential’. That will obviously only be the case once the bullish cup with handle pattern completes. A completion of the pattern will coincide with a break out to new all time highs. We are not there yet. Also keep in mind the […]

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TSEM Tower Semiconductor – Pattern Pressure With Bullish Price Targets

January 20, 2015

The chart of TSEM – Tower Semiconductor is displaying an overall bullish look. There is a lot of pattern pressure as the stock has formed a bullish flag pattern. It looks like TSEM broke out to the upside today. If that’s indeed the case then TSEM should proceed to take out and close above 14$ […]

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CCJ Cameco Uranium Stock Downside Trend Acceleration – Trading Opportunity

January 16, 2015

Right now one of the most visible and biggest Uranium stocks, CCJ – Cameco or CCO.TO in Canada, is offering a great trend following trading opportunity. I did a quick video analysis explaining what I see and analyzed the current technical situation from a psychological perspective. The key points are the following: Since Fukushima, which […]

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