PIN India ETF – Bullish Weekly Flag Continuation Chart Pattern

August 15, 2014

One of the emerging markets with a clearly bullish looking chart pattern is India. There are several ETFs available for trading: PIN, INDA, IFN, SCIF, INDL to name but a few. The PIN – Powershares India Portfolio ETF has formed a bullish weekly flag continuation chart pattern. It looks like a break out to the [...]

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FNV Franco Nevada Precious Metal Royalty Company – Leading Stock Trading At All Time Highs

August 14, 2014

Almost  2 years ago FNV – Franco Nevada was trading near its all time high and I wrote the following post: FNV – Franco Nevada Leading Precious Metal Stock. Today we have almost the exact same situation. FNV is the strongest big cap precious metal stock out there and it is again trading close to its [...]

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HAWK Blackhawk Networks – Stock Trading Idea Near Its All Time High

August 13, 2014

Quick post highlighting a stock trading idea near its all time high. Overall HAWK – Blackhawk Networks looks very constructive. The chart displays a thrusting move and a triangle consolidation right below the all time highs. Technically speaking the trend leading into the triangle pattern should resume soon. That would give us a likely target [...]

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STLD Steel Dynamics + X United States Steel – New Leading Steel Stocks

August 10, 2014

Two steel stocks have recently reacted well to earnings. They both have gapped higher on above average volume indicating a potential change in trend and sentiment. Technically speaking these two have the greatest odds to be the new leading stocks in steel. The two stocks I am talking about are STLD – Steel Dynamics and [...]

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WLT Walter Energy Coal Stock – Potential Short Squeeze Opportunity

August 5, 2014

Today I bought a position in WLT and subsequently posted my thoughts on Twitter. WLT – Walter Energy a coal stock is offering a compelling short squeeze opportunity. The stock closed near its high of the day so that is a positive sign. If we get more follow through tomorrow and the stock proceeds to [...]

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Gold Miners $HUI Chart Trading At Technical Inflection Point – GDX GDXJ NUGT JNUG

July 29, 2014

Interesting times ahead. The Gold Bugs Mining Index $HUI has reached another very important inflection point. As you can see in my annotations, this time around I do believe that the bullish scenario is the most likely one. If we get some more follow through this could trigger a sustainable up-move  using the bullish inverted [...]

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UNG Natural Gas ETF Potential Long Term Trend Reversal

June 13, 2014

Now this is what I call a smooth set-up. The weekly UNG Natural Gas ETF chart implies a significant change has happened. The volume pattern is all you need to look at to see that perception has changed. A new uptrend might be in the making. The recent surge occurred on huge volume. What is [...]

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CAVM Cavium Networks – Hardware Based Security Stock Trading At New All Time High

June 4, 2014

Recently I started to notice the emergence of what I would call “Hardware Based Security Investment Theme”. Three stocks caught my attention while doing my usual scanning. CAVM – Cavium Networks, VDSI – Vasco Data Security and WAVX – Wave Systems. I now own all three of them with CAVM being the newest addition. Regardless [...]

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OPHT Ophthotech All Time High Stock – Potential Big Biotech Winner In The Making

June 3, 2014

Set-ups don’t get much better than this. OPHT – Ophthotech, a Biotech stock, just put in an all time high close. As you can see in the chart annotations the move started with a huge gap up and then the stock ran up on huge volume. This is the hallmark of a bullish break-away gap [...]

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DBA Powershares Agriculture ETF – Potential Bullish Weekly Hammer Reversal Candle Pattern

May 29, 2014

Another potentially bullish ABC – Pattern in the making. So far he weekly candle looks like it will end up being a bullish hammer reversal candle. DBA – Powershares Agriculture ETF is in the process of building out a bullish flag. This looks like a low risk entry before the thrusting move leading into the [...]

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