Trader Chat with Olivier Tischendorf – Mindset, Psychology, Stocks: TSLA, NVDA, AMBA, UPST, NET, CELH, GLD, SLV

by Olivier on January 28, 2022

Recently, Julian Komar was so kind as to interview me. The interview is more like a chat between two traders discussing their journey, their trading style, common trading pitfalls and book recommendations. At the end, we go through charts and show you how to apply technical concepts with past trade examples, current charts and technical set-ups.

You can follow Julian Komar’s work here:

Twitter: @BlogJulianKomar

You can follow me here:

Twitter: @Tischendorf
Website: Tischendorf Letter Premium

Enjoy our conversation!

In case Youtube doesn’t work, you can also watch the video on Vimeo:

We talk about various topics related to Trading, Psychology & Mindset:

  • Trading background
  • Trading style
  • Growth & Momentum Trading
  • How new & beginning traders think vs. How experienced traders view and approach the markets
  • Common trading psychology pitfalls
  • Technical trading concepts: Traps, gauging Pattern Pressure, Stage Analysis, Patience, waiting for the True Move / Trend to start before committing to the long side, VCP Volatility Contraction Pattern

Stocks we look at:

NVDA – Nvidia, TSLA – Tesla, AMBA – Ambarella, FSLY – Fastly, AAOI – Applied Optoelectronics, NET – Cloudflare, MARK – Remark Holdings, CELH – Celsius Holdings, SI – Silvergate Capital, UPWK – Upwork, QCOM – Qualcomm, AMD – Advanced Micro Devices, EH – EHang Holdings, FUTU – Futu Holdings, ARKK – ARK Innovation ETF (Cathie Wood), VLUE – Ishares MSCI USA Value Factor ETF, BRK.B – Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffett), SPY – SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust, GLD – SPDR Gold Trust Shares, SLV – iShares Silver Trust

Book recommendations:

Weinstein, Stan – Secrets For Profiting In Bull And Bear Markets
Darvas, Nicolas – How I Made $2.000.000 In The Stock Market
Koteshwar, Brad – The Perfect Speculator
Paul, Jim / Moynihan, Brendan – What I Learned Losing A Million Dollars

Jiler, William L. – How Charts Can Help You In The Stock Market


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