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by Olivier on March 17, 2011

Going back to the roots of what ‘risk’ is all about. As I suggested rereading Justin Mamis’ passage of ‘When to Sell’ yesterday, I did reread passages of ‘The Nature of Risk’ probably my all time favourite book which was also written by Justin Mamis. Here is a small excerpt. Enjoy!

Justin Mamis: ‘The Nature of Risk’ page 80:

Intuition although seemingly spontaneous, apparently emotional, stems from a form of “information” that has become built-in from past experience. Discipline means choosing what to do unencumbered by the fear of making a mistake. Confidence means trusting our intuition that what we “see” is what we “know.” There’s no escaping to the external, to the objective, and no standing on the shaky ground of emotions. So the question becomes, How do we create within ourselves the heroic condition of confidence wherein risk is not danger but life?

The crowd is bargain hunting in what was; the knowing are buying what will be. – Justin Mamis



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