How To Make A Great Mistake MIT Video

by Olivier on March 11, 2011

Excellent video with thoughts on leadership, loss, failure, fear and making mistakes.
Enjoy the video presentation. Great educational value and well worth your time.

“The single greatest weakness most people share,” says McColgan is the “unwillingness to take a risk that might lead to make a mistake.” But the problem is “you cannot lead from the middle, only from the front.” This might sound intuitive, she acknowledges, but people avoid putting out “big ideas” because of the possibility of failure or hostility from colleagues. The fact is, McColgan states, we must learn to make and recover from mistakes in order to advance.

“Go forth take it on the chin. You’ll be great”, that being said, stay calm and focused.

Ellyn McColgan - Quote

Don’t be afraid. Be big, be brave, be bold. – Ellyn McColgan


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