Tischendorf Letter Interview: Trading Tech Stocks ACIA – Acacia Communications & Gold Mining Stocks

by Olivier on June 16, 2016

Mike Swanson from WallstreetWindow invited me back for an audio interview! We discuss the differences and similarities in trading tech growth stocks and gold mining stocks.

If the embedded Youtube video doesn’t appear in your email or reader click here to view it:
Tischendorf Letter Interview – ACIA & Gold Miners

http://www.tischendorf.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Mike Swanson on 2016-06-16 at 19.52.mp3

The interview is also available on Mike Swanson’s website:

Stocks covered in the interview:

  • DBA – Agriculture ETF
  • JO – Coffee ETF
  • SGG – Sugar ETF
  • GDX – Gold Miners ETF
  • FNV – Franco Nevada
  • OLED – Universal Display
  • ACIA – Acacia Communications

ACIA – Acacia Communications, the growth stock mentioned in the interview, provides high-speed interconnect products and has the potential to emerge as a leader offering disruptive technology for 100 G networks and data centers. As outlined in the interview, ‘new’ stocks usually offer more price appreciation potential than ‘old’ and already well-known stocks. They are the ones developing new game changing technologies. ACIA – Acacia Communications might develop into such a game changer.

Click on the ACIA – Acacia Communications chart to enlarge:

ACIA Acacia Communications New All Time High Stock Fiber Optics Networks Disruptive Technology Game Changer

07/14/16 – Chart Update:

ACIA - Acacia Communications Rectangle Breakout Analysis

Investors are the big gamblers. they make a bet, stay with it, and if it goes the wrong way, they lose it all. –Jesse Livermore

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