NTGR Netgear All Time High Stock – Bullish Technicals & Massive Pattern Pressure

by Olivier on June 3, 2016

The communication equipment stock NTGR – Netgear has developed an outstanding technical set-up. The weekly chart has built a picture perfect long-term ‘cup with handle formation’ that is offering ‘massive pattern pressure’.

NTGR – Netgear was recently highlighted in the Tischendorf Letter Premium. Members had plenty of time to build a position.

The stock is about to run higher on its way to new all time highs. Often times, being able to enter slightly before a stock is able to print a new all time high is extremely advantageous. An early cheater entry can offer much better odds than a plain ‘new all time high buy’. Such a set-up was recently highlighted with the YRD – Yirendai Technical Cheater Entry Buy.

Click on NTGR – Netgear weekly chart to enlarge:

NTGR Netgear Cup With Handle Chart Formation Bullish Pattern Pressure Set-Up

Massive, or near optimal bullish pattern pressure is crucial as it dramatically increases one’s odds to be positioned correctly. The stock has been accumulated for a long time and the chart implies that those in the know have been buying aggressively. Often, perfect technical set-ups are triggered by positive news being released. Hence the adage “Price precedes news”.

There obviously are no guarantees with trading. What we can do though, is to seek exposure to the best stocks the market has to offer, play the odds and trade in the direction of the path of least resistance! As there is no overhead resistance, NTGR – Netgear currently offers a great looking ‘Blue Sky Potential’ set-up.

The following two trading quotes capture the essence of great trading and apply to the current NTGR set-up:

Amateurs look for challenges, professionals look for easy trades. Losers get high from the action, the pros look for the best odds. -Alexander Elder 

‘Surprises’ aren’t a 50/50 proposition, they tend to occur in the direction of the dominant trend. -Richard Weissman

Trading is my passion. I do research and go through charts 24/7. You might not have time for all this work. Become a member, save time and get exposure to the best stocks the market has to offer! ➔ Tischendorf Letter Premium

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