What are you typically trading?
A: I trade stocks exclusively. When fully invested I typically own 7 – 10 stocks.

I can’t trade specific stocks with my broker. What should I do?
A: Don’t let your broker limit your chances of trading success. Open an account with a broker that gives you all the flexibility you need. I use Interactive Brokers.

You’re European right?
A: That’s correct. I am both German and French. I am based in Germany.

First Name
I noticed your first name is French. How do you pronounce that?
A: Click on the loudspeaker symbol to listen to the English pronunciation of Olivier.

What is RSS and how do I use this feature?
A: RSS is the easiest and most efficient way to keep track of website updates. These videos show how to use RSS in plain English and how to use Google Reader in plain English.

Video Search
I loved that video you posted a while back. How can I find it?
A: Just type ‘video’ into the search box. That will bring up a list of all the videos I’ve posted. You can also search my website for specific key words to find articles matching your interests.

Holding Period
What is your average holding period?
A: I try to pick stocks I am willing to hold for at least a few weeks. If I still see potential I hold for a few months. Over the years I have shifted from short term trading to longer holding periods as it better suits my personality.

Stop Loss
What kind of stop loss do you use?
I use both hard stop losses and mental stop losses.

Profit Target
Do you set profit targets? When do you exit a trade and take profits?
My goal is to hold on to my winners as long as I possibly can. Hence I don’t set profit targets. I avoid trying to pick tops and sell stocks after a reaction if there is no rally.

Trading Setup
What kind of trading setup do you use?
A: I use eight 17″ screens for real-time charts and two 17″ screens for order masks and streaming watch lists. I also use a high resolution laptop and a 27″ iMac.

What kind of indicators do you use?
A: I don’t use indicators. I stick to price, time and volume. I also use moving averages.

Gold + Silver
Do you advocate holding physical gold and silver?
A: Yes, I do.

Trading Hardware
What kind of stuff do you recommend?
A: I recommend:

  • Eizo screens
  • Ergotron quad-monitor desk stands
  • Lenovo / IBM Thinkpad laptops
  • Apple 27″ iMacs
  • VMware Fusion
  • QCharts
  • Nvidia quad-display video cards
  • APC battery backup uninterruptible power supply
  • Western Digital Passport portable external hard drives
  • Linksys switches
  • Kensington USB 2.0 DomeHubs
  • Kensington Flexclip copyholders