RDCM Radcom – Next Generation NFV Tech Stock Transforms AT&T’s Network

by Olivier on August 12, 2016

This small cap next generation software technology stock was recently highlighted as a High Potential Stock for members. RDCM – Radcom announced a profitable quarter and was chosen by AT&T to transform and modernize its network. The company specializes in NFV – Network Functions Virtualization.

Explained in simple terms, it means the need for new hardware is reduced. Existing hardware is replaced by software running in the cloud. A huge shift towards next-generation Software-Centric Networks and SDN – Software-Defined Networking is underway. I expect more big telecommunication companies to upgrade their wireless and broadband network infrastructure.

Click on RDCM -Radcom monthly chart to enlarge:

RDCM Radcom Next Generation NFV Networks Software Stock Technical Analysis Price Chart AT&T $RDCM $T

RDCM – Radcom is now profitable, offers huge long-term pattern pressure. The monthly chart looks bullish and the stock is on the verge of being discovered by bigger players. If more contracts similar to the one announced with T – AT&T materialize, big institutional money will quickly discover the stock. RDCM – Radcom might very well be a big winner in the making. Members are positioned accordingly.

Chart Update & Technical Analysis Thoughts 08/31/16:

Click on RDCM -Radcom daily chart to enlarge:

RDCM Radcom NFV Network Functions Virtualization Bullish Chart Technical Analysis Volatility Contraction

RDCM – Radcom’s chart set-up continues to look extremely bullish for the following reasons:

  • Zero Selling Pressure
  • Bullish Volume Decrease
  • Volatility Contraction

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