FTEK Fuel-Tech Air Pollution And Emission Control Stock – Technical Chart Analysis

by Olivier on January 4, 2014

Another investment theme that looks very promising going forward: Air Pollution / Emission Control.  China has a massive air pollution problem. According to the numbers I’ve seen this is an understatement. The toxic air in big Chinese cities is unsustainable. China has no choice – it has to address that problem. Shutting down airports and people not being able to breathe simply means ‘no business’. The internet is full of reports and resources to keep you on top of the current development, no need for me to add my two cents. I view this as a no-brainer investment theme. The volume patterns in related stocks clearly show that market participants have already started positioning themselves accordingly. On to the chart of one potential big winner in the clean air space: FTEK – Fuel-Tech

Weekly Chart – Technical Analysis:

The weekly chart shows how ‘former resistance turned into support’. The overall volume and price pattern is very bullish. For mid-term oriented traders or position traders this is a high odds set-up.

Daily Chart – Technical Analysis:

The daily chart shows the stock will need more time until it can break through the most recent highs. Ultimately though the overall pattern with the clearly defined break-away gap is very bullish and most likely only needs more time for the various moving averages to catch up until the necessary pattern pressure for an upside breakout towards the 14 US$ price target can be achieved.

Stock list of the companies contained in those charts:
DCI – Donaldson Company, FTEK – Fuel-Tech, CLIR – Clearsign Combustion, MFRI – MFRI Inc., CECE – Ceco Environmental, QST.V – Questor Technology, CLH – Clean Harbors, NR – Newpark Resources, PMFG – PMFG Inc., NES – Nuverra Environmental Solutions, NRG.TO – Alter NRG

FTEK’s Technologies overview www.ftek.com/en-US/about/corporate-profile:

The Company’s nitrogen oxide (NOx) reduction technologies include advanced combustion modification techniques including low NOx burners and overfire air systems, along with post-combustion NOx control approaches, including NOxOUT® and HERT™ Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) and Rich Reagent Injection (RRI) systems. Fuel Tech’s Advanced Selective Catalytic Reduction (ASCR) system utilizes the combination of combustion systems and SNCR to provide a cost effective alternative to high capital cost, stand alone conventional SCR systems while providing similar NOx reductions. The ULTRA™ system generates ammonia on-site for SCR systems using safe urea reagent. These technologies have established Fuel Tech as a leader in NOx reduction, with installations on over 800 units worldwide, where coal, fuel oil, natural gas, municipal waste, biomass, and other fuels are utilized. The Company’s FUEL CHEM® technology revolves around the unique application of chemical injection programs improve the efficiency, reliability, fuel flexibility and environmental status of combustion units by controlling slagging, fouling, corrosion, opacity and acid plume, as well as the formation of sulfur trioxide, ammonium bisulfate, particulate matter (PM2.5), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and carbon dioxide (CO2). Fuel Tech uses its patented TIFI® Targeted In-Furnace Injection™ processes to apply specialty chemical programs to units burning a wide variety of fuels including coal, heavy oil, biomass, and municipal waste. These TIFI® programs incorporate design, modeling, equipment, reagent, and service to provide a complete customized on-site programs designed to improve plant operations and provide a return on investment beyond helping meet and emission regulatory requirements. Many of Fuel Tech’s products and services rely heavily on the Company’s exceptional Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling capabilities, which are enhanced by internally developed, high-end visualization software. These capabilities, coupled with the Company’s innovative technologies and multi-disciplined team approach, enable Fuel Tech to provide practical solutions to some of our customers’ most challenging problems.

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