Fuel Cell Stocks Sector Update – HYGS, PLUG, FCEL, QTWW, CPST, BLDP

by Olivier on December 28, 2013

Thought I’d do a quick follow-up post with my thoughts on various Fuel Cell related stocks as I bought into HYGS – Hydrogenics and more recently into FCEL – Fuel Cell Energy. Here’s my rationale why I originally entered HYGS:

My second buy into the sector obviously didn’t work. FCEL gapped down after earnings. The reaction to earnings is all I am interested in. If a stock doesn’t act well and gets sold I sell. No questions asked. Only HYGS earned its right to remain in my portfolio.

Click the chart to maximize and see the annotations:

  • HYGS – Hydrogenics: Smooth trading character. Strong bullish flag. Huge weekly pattern pressure. For now this is my favourite.
  • FCEL – Fuel Cell Energy: ‘Hole in the wall’ pattern. Chart is broken. Avoid for now.
  • QTWW – Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies: Overall very strong chart.
  • PLUG – Plug Power: Might be somewhat extended. Chart needs more time to rebuild pattern pressure.
  • BLDP – Ballard Power: Underperformer. Avoid for now.
  • CPST – Capstone Turbine: Stock is going nowhere. Avoid for now.

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