Lithium Mining Stocks List + Sector Overview Chart

by Olivier on July 3, 2009

Lithium is said to potentially be the fuel of the 21st century. Hybrid technology and electric cars are thought to be a viable alternative. I have no idea how this will evolve over time but one thing is for sure: Sentiment is clearly shifting towards ‘Green Energy‘. Solar energy, clean fuels, ethanol, run of river projects and geothermal energy is all the rave. It will take time but the world is working on finding ways to reduce carbon emissions. So if we move forward to battery driven vehicles lithium will be an important ingredient as it is used in electric and hybrid electric car batteries.

For more information check the following charts and websites:



This chart with estimated future lithium uses and consumption is slide 9 taken from:

What really prompted me to present an overview of Lithium Mining Stocks is the fact CNY.V – Coniagas Resources popped up in my scans yesterday. I had never heard of that company before and the chart simply looks awesome. A while back WLC.V Western Lithium Canada popped up in my scans as well and it still is on my public list.

The best way to find winners is to find them on your own doing simple volume scans. Then stocks with good technicals tend to pop up. Make no mistake. This is easy to do but it is hard work as you need to do it every day. Furthermore this is only one part of the research you are supposed to do. Then if fundamentals and common sense confirm your chart analysis you most often have found a great trading opportunity.

The leading stock from the leading lithium producing country is SQM – Sociedad Química y Minera De Chile. Here are a few more aggressive players. This list contains mainly Canadian listed stocks:

  • SQM – Sociedad Química Minera De Chile
  • WLC.V – Western Lithium Canada
  • LI.V – Lithium One – Formerly: CNY.V – Coniagas Resources
  • TNR.V – TNR Gold
  • CLQ.V – Canada Lithium
  • LAT.V – Latin American Minerals

For an easy comparison I’ve created a Lithium sector overview chart on my public list. The purpose is to be able to identify the strongest stock with the best technicals at a quick glance. The chart is always up to date.

Happy 4th of July!


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