5G Powerhouse Keysight Technologies KEYS – Jesse Livermore Century Mark Stock Trading Rule

by Olivier on September 14, 2019

Tonight I will introduce you to a stock that is developing into a 5G Powerhouse.
The stock is a recent addition to the focused watch list
available for Tischendorf Letter Premium Members.

Think of Keysight Technologies as a 5G Infrastructure Play!

It is a ‘Picks and Shovels’ approach giving you a low risk option to invest in a brand new technology. 5G will provide unmatched speed for future devices connecting to 5G networks.

Keysight - Logo

Here are some solutions Keysight Technologies offers. Taken from the Keysight Technologies website:

  • 5G
  • Cloud
  • Connected Cars
  • Data Center Infrastructure
  • Design & Automation
  • Energy Ecosystem
  • High-Speed Digital System Design
  • Internet of Things – IoT
  • Manufacturing Test
  • Measurement Fundamentals
  • Network Security
  • Network Test
  • Network Visibility
  • RF & Microwave
  • SDN, FV & Virtualization

As mentioned above, the ‘Picks and Shovels’ approach offers a low risk opportunity to invest in a leading sector or brand new trend.

Trading ‘High Potential Stocks’ is what I have been doing for more than 20 years. There are 3 important factors that dramatically increase your odds of latching on to big winners:

  1. Picking a stock that is trading at or near its all-time high
  2. Making sure the stock offers fresh and powerful pattern pressure
  3. Choosing a set-up that is about to cross a significant round number

Click on the KEYS – Keysight Technologies daily chart to enlarge:

Tai-Pan Charts - [Candlestick Keysight Technologies Inc]

Here is a quick and easy to understand 5 min Technical Analysis Video of Keysight Technologies KEYS with everything you need to know. For more Jesse Livermore Trading Psychology insights read the following passage explaining how he trades during a bull market:


Click on the 5 min KEYS – Keysight Technologies Video to play.
For high quality resolution view in full screen mode:

You can also click on the following link for direct access to the video on Youtube:


Here is a recent trade from the Tischendorf Letter Premium that illustrates how powerful moves can develop once important price levels like the round number $100 are crossed. Often, if proper pattern pressure has been built up, stocks put in run-away moves that do not pull back and that do not offer an ‘easy entry’.

With RGLD we were able to catch the meat of the move, providing us with gains exceeding +30%

Click on the RGLD – Royal Gold daily chart to enlarge:

RGLD - Royal Gold Technical Chart Analysis

We already own several new potential big winners like Ambarella – AMBA to name just one stock.

With a – Premium Membership – you get a weekly newsletter that highlights big winners early on. Every newsletter comes with a 30-60 min video. Grab a cup of coffee, lean back and find out about the best stocks and new market leaders!

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