How Members Made Money Buying Biotech Stock – MDVN Medivation

by Olivier on August 23, 2016

Today PFE – Pfizer announced they will acquire MDVN – Medivation for $14 billion. The stock went up almost 20% when news hit the wires! Three weeks ago MDVN – Medivation was highlighted for members as a High Potential Stock pick.

My job is to make sure members of the Tischendorf Letter Premium have exposure to the best sectors at the right time. Every week I select the best stocks within those sectors. A stock is only highlighted when it offers great pattern pressure. It also needs to meet several other criteria that increase odds for an explosive move to the upside.

MDVN – Medivation met all those criteria. It was recommended as a very low risk set-up offering a great way to get exposure to the Biotech sector. This chart shows how members made money:

Click on MDVN – Medivation chart to enlarge:

MDVN Medivation Buy Point PFE Pfizer Takeover Biotech Stock Chart Profit Technical Analysis Review

My research and technical scanning strongly suggested increasing exposure to Biotech and Energy stocks. I then shared this observation with my members.

A premium membership offers the following benefits:

  • Trade idea generation.
  • Videos. You get to see the stocks I am focusing on.
  • Ongoing education. I explain key technical concepts and how I trade specific stocks.

Own the best stocks and learn how to trade them!
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