Tischendorf Letter Interview: Is The Bear Market Over? Forecasts vs. Managing Risk

by Olivier on March 12, 2016

Mike Swanson from WallStreetWindow was so kind as to interview me again. The market is approaching a critical juncture, so we discussed the current strength of the rally in the markets and what to expect next.

Is the bear market over or is the worst yet to come?

Tischendorf Letter Interview: Forecasts vs. Managing Risk – mp3

The interview is also available on Mike Swanson’s website:

At times I do indeed have very strong opinions. But the key to successful trading is flexibility and adapting to changing situations. That simply means letting go of strong opinions as soon as the market provides us with enough clues that do not confirm previous assumptions.

My friend David Shvartsman nicely summarized the essence of the interview above in the following two tweets:

You can follow David Shvartsman on Twitter and read more of his work on his website:


Last week I produced an extensive Video market review for my members. The sectors that are most likely to propel the indices higher were highlighted. The S&P 500 is following the best case scenario and is displaying extreme strength.

Click on SPY – S&P 500 ETF chart to enlarge:

S$P 500 SPY ETF - Trendline Price Magnet Technical Analysis Chart Bear Market versus Bull Market

The S&P 500 is now simply displaying way more strength than most traders would like to admit.

The market is already producing a new crop of stocks that have ‘The Look’. Some of them are printing New All Time Highs and odds are high they will develop into New Market Leaders. This weekend we will take a close look at the best and strongest stocks in the market:
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