Tanzania – African Gold Mining Stocks Sector Overview Chart

by Olivier on October 20, 2009

Tanzania is an African country that has the potential to develop into something much bigger over time. It is actually Africa’s third-largest gold producing country after South Africa and Ghana. Something to keep an eye on. Jim Sinclair has build TRE / TNX.TO – Tanzanian Royalty Exploration, a company with lots of visibility. This sure has helped put Tanzania and its emerging gold mining companies on the radar.

My job is to monitor charts in order to look for clues which company is attracting money at a given point in time. Applying technical analysis makes sure emotions don’t take the upper hand. Charts help me make objective buy and sell decisions. Tonight I’ve added a Tanzania Sector Overview Chart to my public list. It is a great tool to compare the strength of various charts within a sector. My Sector Overview Charts are constantly updated in order to reflect changes that occur over time. New players will emerge. Some will fail.

The up-to-date Tanzania Sector Overview Chart on my public list right now contains the following companies:

Tanzania country info from Wikipedia.
Location, map and country info from WolframAlpha:

Tanzania Map

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