How To Invest In Platinum And Palladium – PALL + PPLT New ETFs Begin Trading On NYSE

by Olivier on January 19, 2010

ETF Securities lists the first US physically-backed Platinum and Palladium exchange-traded funds listed on the NYSE Arca. The ticker symbols are: PALL Physical Palladium Shares and PPLT Physical Platinum Shares. Their physical exchange traded funds SIVR – Physical Silver Shares and SGOL – Physical Swiss Gold Shares have been very successful launches some 6 months ago. The launch of the new ETFs has prompted me to split my existing Platinum and Palladium sector overview chart into two separate ones in order to better reflect the differences between the two metals. Keep an eye on both ones as the evolving automotive markets and increasing car sales and production in India and China could spark a buying frenzy due to the use of both Platinum and Palladium as catalysts for cars.

The Palladium Sector Overview Chart is now listing the following stocks:

  • PALL – Physical Palladium Shares
  • SWC – Stillwater Mining
  • PAL – North American Palladium

The Platinum Sector Overview Chart is now listing the following stocks:

  • PPLT – Physical Platinum Shares
  • SWC – Stillwater Mining
  • PLG / PTM.TO – Platinum Group Metals
  • ELR.TO – Eastern Platinum Ltd.
  • ANO / ARQ.V – Anooraq Resources
  • PPN.TO – Platmin Ltd.

Also check the most recent Sector Overview Chart additions to my public list:

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From the ETF Securities PPLT prospectus:
( ETF Securities PALL prospectus )

Investment objective

ETFS Physical Platinum Shares (“the Shares”) are issued by ETFS Platinum Trust (“the Trust”). The investment objective of the Trust, Symbol: PPLT is for the Shares to reflect the performance of the price of platinum, less Trust’s expenses. The Shares are designed for investors who want a cost-effective and convenient way to invest and gain exposure into physical platinum.

Key features

Platinum bullion in plate and ingot form held in London and Zurich(2) – The Shares represent beneficial interest in the Trust, which in turn holds allocated physical platinum bullion bars stored in secure vaults in London and Zurich on behalf of the Custodian, JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.,. Each physical plate and ingot is properly segregated, individually identified and allocated towards the property of the Trust. All physical platinum conforms to the London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM) rules for Good Delivery.

Cost effective – The Shares are designed for investors who want a cost-effective and convenient way to invest in platinum. For many investors, it is expected that the transaction costs for buying and selling the Shares will be lower than purchasing, storing and insuring physical platinum.

Liquid – The Shares trade on an exchange like any other exchange-listed security. The Trust structure allows for shares to be created and redeemed according to supply and demand in the market.

Transparent – The platinum held by the trust is inspected biannually by the independent metal assayer, Inspectorate International. The pricing information, net asset value of the Trust, and platinum bar numbers held by the Trust are published daily on our website

Flexible – The Shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE Arca code: PPLT). The shares are available to be bought or sold, like ordinary listed securities, throughout the trading day. The shares are eligible for margin accounts.

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