SWC Stillwater Mining – NYSE Listed And United States Based Platinum And Palladium Stock

by Olivier on March 23, 2010

Stillwater Mining – SWC is the only United States based producer of Platinum and Palladium. I have recently added two sector overview charts as the PGM, Platinum Group Metals, and Palladium stocks are starting to shape up:

SWC – Stillwater Mining as well as ANO / ARQ.V – Anooraq Resources are trading within a bullish ascending triangle pattern. Both charts look great and seem to be on the verge of breaking out to the upside pretty soon. SWC is the higher priced stock, offers better liquidity and is a well known company. It probably is the better trading vehicle.

SWC Stillwater Mining NYSE Platinum Palladium Stock Technical Analysis Price Chart

Up-to-date SWC – Stillwater Mining chart on my public list.

The breakout might not be imminent but we are getting closer. I will keep a close eye on that one. Chinese car production is on the rise and growth rates in that sector are astounding. Metals used for catalytic converters will be in vogue again if China turns out to be the ‘motor of the world’ as George Soros recently stated in an interview. On the other hand Paul van Eeden’s view on China is not bullish.

Time will tell. In the meantime we stick to the charts.

Pure price systems are close enough to the North Pole that any departure tends to bring you farther south.
– William Eckhardt –

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From SWC – Stillwater Mining’s website:

Stillwater Mining Company is engaged in the development, extraction, processing, smelting, refining, and marketing of palladium, platinum and associated metals from a geological formation in southern Montana known as the J-M Reef. This is the only know significant source of platinum group metals in the United States and one of the significant resources outside Russia and South Africa. Stillwater Mining Company’s corporate office is located in Columbus, Montana.

The Company conducts mining operations at the Stillwater Mine near Nye, Montana and the East Boulder Mine South of McLeod, Montana. Both mines are located on the J-M Reef. Concentrating plants are operated at both mines to upgrade ore to a concentrate. The company also operates a smelter, refinery and laboratory at Columbus, Montana to further upgrade the concentrate to a platinum group metal rich filter cake. Spent catalyst material is also recycled at the smelter and refinery to recover platinum group metals. Platinum group metals are rare precious metals that are used in diverse applications for auto catalysts, fuel cells, hydrogen purification, electronics, jewelry, dentistry, medicine, water treatment, coinage and other uses.

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