APKT Acme Packet – Watching Leading Semiconductor Stocks For Market Timing Clues

by Olivier on March 22, 2010

Acme Packet – APKT is one of the best performing Semiconductor Stocks and has lead the markets higher. I therefore consider it a great proxy in order to gauge market strength. Odds are high it will give us clues which direction the market is headed to. APKT – Acme Packet is sharing a lot of the same characteristics the market has displayed recently:

  • It has moved up very fast.
  • It has moved up very far.
  • It is not showing any signs of weakness.
  • It is building a bullish consolidation or continuation pattern.

To compare APKT with its peers check my Semiconductor Overview Chart.

APKT Acme Packet Semiconductor Stock Technical Analysis Price Chart

Up-to-date APKT – Acme Packet chart on my public list.


The fact I am 100% cash means exactly that. My bias is neutral and am not interested in shorting this market. Picking tops, like picking bottoms, can be extremely dangerous to your financial health. I am looking to build long positions again once the dust has settled and the markets and individual stocks like APKT are setting up and give me the signal to be aggressive again. Strong stocks usually make it very difficult to build a position. Consolidations and pullback often are very shallow and overall price doesn’t retract that much. My job is to watch how the market and individual stocks are going to handle the recent advance. So far, everything points to new highs that are about to be printed in the near future.

By all means, stay objective. Trade what you see. Do not base your trading on your opinions or beliefs.

My public list with all my charts can be viewed here:

Have a great evening!

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