Jim Rogers Comments On Swine Flu

by Olivier on April 28, 2009

A video interview on the potential swine flu impact everybody is talking about.
And of course a general overview of what Rogers thinks about the market right now.

Some random thoughts on various stocks after watching today’s action:

  • FEED – AgFeed Industries. Held up remarkably well. Waiting for the stock to build up pressure again.
  • CAEI – China Architectural Engineering. Building a flag right now. Stock is displaying a chart pattern with high odds for a break to the upside. Chinese stock with great potential.
  • QEC.TO – Questerre Energy. Not exactly thrilled with that one. Great trades tend to go your way right after you entered. Obviously not the case here. UNG the natural gas ETF was up today so QEC.TO’s action is very disappointing.
  • RGLD – Royal Gold. I still don’t see that one going down significantly. That said it pretty much is going nowhere right now. I would like to see it trading above the MA 200 as soon as possible. The weekly chart is starting to look weaker as the MA 30 is soon going to be resistance.
  • UXG – US Gold. It was one of the few that held up rather well today. Volume needs to kick in though.
  • BXI.V – Bio Extraction. I think a pullback to the former 0.50 resistance is a strong buy. Odds are resistance has now turned into support.
  • Uranium stocks: The tide seems to have turned. I believe a pullback is worth buying. UEX.TO is the one I am watching.
  • STP – Suntech Power Holdings. The flag looks promising. Watching for now.

Have a great evening!

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