Dennis Gartman – Keeping It Simple

by Olivier on April 30, 2009

This awesome video is from 04/17/09. You can watch it without logging in. Open the ‘speaker’ drop-down menu and select ‘Dennis Gartman’. Here is the video interview with Dennis Gartman the editor of the ‘Gartman Letter’ I’ve watched over and over again. I believe this one really nails it. You’ve probably heard the ‘KISS – keep it simple stupid’ adage before… Timeless and great advice indeed. Applied to the stock market the message is: Go with the flow. Add to your winners. Reduce your losing positions and cut your losses.

Gartman then goes on to explain what failed traders have in common. You already guessed it. They fought the trend and didn’t go with the flow. They kept averaging down and added to a losing position instead of getting out and moving on. The essence of the interview is:

Do more of the things that work. Do less of the things that don’t.

Have a great evening!

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