Jim Sinclair On Gold – Bloomberg Interview

by Olivier on May 13, 2009

For all of you who didn’t have the opportunity to listen to Jim Sinclair’s audio interview with his views on gold and its role as a currency please do so. This article’s purpose is to save it for future reference so you can listen to it whenever your time schedule allows for it. The interview mentions buying physical gold bullion for insurance purposes. Additional topics Jim Sinclair covers are RGLD – Royal Gold, FNV.TO – Franco Nevada and the advantages of the Royalty Company Concept as a business model.

Today UXG – US Gold the company run by Rob McEwen former GG – Goldcorp CEO dipped below the 2.00 $US price level of the private placement announced yesterday after the markets closed. This is exactly the same situation we had with RGLD – Royal Gold a few weeks back. It is impossible to know which exact price level will provide support. That’s why you have to view this as a price area providing support. Buying UXG – US Gold below 2.00 should be viewed as a great buying opportunity.

Jim Sinclair is CEO of TRE – Tanzanian Royalty Exploration. I’m closely monitoring that stock. You can access the daily and weekly chart of TRE on my public list.

Updated 07/15/09

Jim Sinclair’s South Africa video interview with the Summit Business News Channel.

When looking for support and resistance think in terms of price areas as opposed to exact price levels.

Have a great evening!

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