Questerre Energy – QEC.TO And Natural Gas Technicals

by Olivier on June 11, 2009

Today I bought back into QEC.TO – Questerre Energy. I am applying the same rationale I did a few weeks back. Volume is coming back into the stock so I think it is well worth getting back in. It looks like it might be the beginning of a thrusting move to the upside. We will need more volume and price confirmation though. Tonight I’ve added a new ratio chart to my public list comparing Natural Gas with Oil. Odds are clearly favouring long positions in the natural gas sector. QEC.TO is my favourite as it is the one offering the most liquidity and the biggest market cap in the Natural Gas explorers sector. As usual I am trying to go with the stock I am perceiving to be the leader in its realm.

Here is today’s BNN video with Michael Binnion, CEO of QEC.TO – Questerre Energy.

I’ve added links below the charts for future reference and access to up to date charts.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas Chart

Natural Gas / Oil Ratio

Natural Gas/Oil Ratio Chart

Questerre Energy

Questerre Energy Chart

Be emotionally detached. You can always reenter a stock at a higher price.

Have a great evening!

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