CAEI – China Architectural Engineering

by Olivier on May 4, 2009

Today I bought CAEI – China Architectural Engineering and bought back FEED – AgFeed Industries. The swine flu so far is not having any impact on FEED. There are a lot of Chinese stocks breaking out to the upside. I am simply going with the flow as China is an investment theme with high potential. FEED is almost hitting the MA 200. Still there is room for another 20% move to the upside. Volume with FEED was huge today. Keep in mind the float is very low. The more days with such volume we witness the higher the impact new buyers will have as the float is reduced. Same applies to CAEI where I see a target of 3$. That said CAEI has lots of room until prices hit the MA 200.

I want to remind you of the Chinese stock list I posted a while back. I encourage you to make use of it. Plenty of winning stocks to be found. A few examples that come to mind are FSIN – Fushi International, CDII – China Direct and lots more that have recently broken out to the upside. That said there is a lot of stuff on my public list that you can trade as well.

Have a great evening!

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