Marc Faber Video Interview On CNBC – Gold, Inflation, Malaysia And Asian Real Estate

by Olivier on July 18, 2009

Eric Sprott was referring to Marc Faber and his recent comments on hyperinflation in his interview. This is not the Marc Faber video he was referring to but it is the most recent interview Marc Faber gave. He still likes gold as he expects inflation down the road. He dislikes long term US government bonds. A way to play this investment theme is buying TBT an inverse long term bond ETF. As a general rule he likes gold and Asia. Thailand, Malaysia and Asian real estate companies are his favourites. China and real estate is an interesting investment theme I have been monitoring in the background. I will soon add ‘China Real Estate’ to my sector overview charts on my public list. A few stocks that come to mind are:

  • TAO – Claymore/AlphaShares China Real Estate ETF
  • CHLN – China Housing And Land Development
  • XIN – Xinyuan Real Estate
  • MAY – Malaysia Fund
  • EWM – iShares Malaysia

Excellent Marc Faber video interview. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend!

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