Rob McEwen Videos – Why Gold Is Money

by Olivier on July 7, 2009

Rob McEwen is former CEO of GG – Goldcorp one of the biggest and best run senior gold mining stocks out there. So when it comes to credibility and people with a proven track record of success you automatically stumble upon Rob McEwen. That is one of the reasons why UXG – US Gold is one of my portfolio positions. Go with the winners. Actually UXG did quite well today and the chart tells me it is poised to break out soon. I have a daily and a weekly chart you can access on my public list.

Keep in mind: It’s people that make mines.

In the videos Rob McEwen talks about ‘Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds’ written by Charles Mackay. He also mentions various manias like the Tulipomania. You can read about crashes and crises in history like the Tulipomania and download Mackay’s book for free.

McEwen goes on to talk about inflation and hyperinflation risks and why he thinks all the action in the coming years will be in the junior mining stocks as senior miners need to replace resources and will be buying them up. He also mentions Argentina as an interesting and somewhat underexplored country to be looking for mining investments. The essence of the videos is that ultimately gold is money.

I have the following two stocks related to Argentina on my radar but they are not on my public list as of yet:

  • MAI.TO / MNEAF – Minera Andes ( Rob McEwen is the biggest shareholder)
  • AQI.TO – Aquiline Resources

Enjoy the Rob McEwen videos.
Thanks Jerry!

Have a great evening!

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