Agriculture Double Long ETN DAG Technical Analysis Video

by Olivier on September 1, 2011

Let’s see how this DAG – Agriculture ETN 2x video works. My plan is to do more videos going forward as it is clearly much easier to convey what I see when I analyze specific charts. It is also much easier to ‘talk’ about various technical concepts and at the same time provide a visual experience. The resolution is not perfect as I recorded my full screen which has a rather high resolution. Make sure to watch the video in full screen mode and select the 720p resolution mode for best quality.

Here’s a great reminder on how to approach trading:

Sitting tight on convictions has its rewards, but only if you keep your stops. – Tony Oz

Enjoy the video!

Up-to-date DAG – Agriculture ETN 2x chart on my public list.

Farming has been a disaster for 30 years. We have huge shortages developing in agriculture and great fortunes are going to be made by the people who address those problems. – Jim Rogers

My public list with all my charts can be viewed here:

August 2011 was the first month my public list broke the 10,000 hits mark.
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