DNN DML.TO – Denison Mines – Chart Update

by Olivier on February 28, 2012

Quick chart update on DNN – Denison Mines as I consider recent price action to be technically constructive. The chart is pretty obvious, so no need to comment that much. If DNN can break out to the upside a price target in the 3.00 USD area looks feasible. As usual, contracting volume on down moves and volume pumping while the stock moves up is the most bullish scenario.

Up-to-date DNN – Denison Mines chart on my public list.

Administrative note: 

As mentioned in my last newsletter my focus right now is on non-blogging activities. Except for the occasional post, I will stop updating my website for a few months and trade without publicly disclosing my positions. My public list will continue to be updated on a regular basis.

Traders who are eternal optimists get absolutely killed because they have a habit of staying in long after the trade has turned into a loser. – Dan Zanger

Charts: http://stockcharts.com/def/servlet/Favorites.CServlet?obj=ID2791469

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