SLV Silver ETF – Odds Are Worst Is Yet To Come

by Olivier on September 23, 2014

Already thinly veiled bottom calls are popping up. Extremely oversold levels and excessive fear are cited as reasons as to why this must be the bottom. Objective analysis says otherwise. During bear markets oversold means nothing. Oversold gets more oversold. It’s really as simple as that. As far as volume is concerned the corresponding volume bar isn’t anywhere close to panic selling levels. Compare the two volume bars I highlighted in my chart analysis. They tell the story.

Click on SLV chart to enlarge:

Always up-to-date SLV – Silver ETF chart on my public list.

From a purely technical perspective odds are the worst is yet to come. That’s what the charts say. You can believe otherwise. It is entirely up to you. After all it is your money. Simply remember the following:

‘Great traders offer no excuses.’

Make sure to re-read the following article for more insight into that subject:

Zurich Axioms – Forecasts, Predictions and Prophets

It’s easy to be a prophet. You make twenty-five predictions and the ones that come true are the ones you talk about. – Dr. Theodore Levitt


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