RDWR Radware – Bullish Monster Accumulation Pattern Continues

by Olivier on December 12, 2014

Quick technical chart update for RDWR – Radware as the monster accumulation pattern continues. This is how superstocks begin their moves. Here is what I pointed out in my original analysis:

RDWR – Radware ‘Institutional players with deep pockets accumulating as much as they can’

Click on RDWR chart to enlarge:

The weekly pattern pressure is huge and as this is a strong uptrend the following timeless market adage applies:

In uptrends surprise moves tend to be to the upside. 

Remember: The strongest stocks typically do not offer easy entries for Joe Sixpack. Think about it, if superstocks would offer easy and obvious pullback entries they would by definition not be superstocks. Want to own them? You have to leave your comfort zone. Otherwise you are out.

To make a long story short, look at the volume. This is why this is my favourite Livermore quote:

Everything you need to know is right there in front of you. – Jesse Livermore

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