Volume Divergence Continues

by Olivier on November 16, 2009

Although volume divergences abound – ideally you want rising volume with rising prices – one cannot argue with price itself. I might initiate a few positions soon and test the markets. Not sure yet.

  • EVG.V – Evolving Gold: The stock might have started a separation move away from the private placement level at 0.90. I am closely watching that one. Good news and the price support of the PP would be a good launching pad for higher prices.
  • NXT.V – Natcore Technologies: Another interesting one I am keeping a close eye on. I am a bit wary of the somewhat deep pullback though. Then again support around the 0.50 level looks rather sound.
  • CAN.V – Canaco Resources: Great separation move off the recent PP at 0.35. This one still needs more time to set up again. Patience.

Administrative note:
I ran a few website related updates and improved a few things. Everything is back to normal and working.

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