MIFI Novatel Wireless – ‘Internet Of Things IoT’ High Potential Stock

by Olivier on January 5, 2015

Today’s winner in a sea of red is MIFI – Novatel Wireless, former ticker symbol NVTL. As I pointed out today on Twitter when the stock was trading @ 3.30, right now this is my favorite really aggressive small cap play:

The timestamp is obviously 6.07 PM GMT+1 which corresponds to 12.07 PM EST in case you were wondering.

MIFI is a very aggressive play as the stock has not exactly been the strongest stock within the M2M, Machine to Machine or ‘Internet of Things IoT’ realm. This could change pretty quickly though as traders are starting to look for additional extremely high potential trade ideas now that:

Today’s price move will put the stock on the radar of those scanning for technical strength and abnormal volume. The stock displays bullish triangle patterns and volatility compression patterns in almost all time frames and today a powerful breakout launched to the upside. It is all the more impressive considering today’s overall market weakness.

To make a long story short, I like the story stock potential, the low market cap and its rather low valuation. Once the market cooperates this low float stock could really fly. We are not there yet, but whenever I enter a position and the stock almost immediately moves in my favour I have to keep a very bullish mind-set and I have to give the stock enough breathing room to potentially develop into a big winner.

Let’s move on to a ‘Macro —> Micro’ analysis of the stock. This simply means you start with monthly charts, then look at the weekly and finally the daily chart. Personally, I always include ‘first look at the complete chart history, then only zoom into the recent past’ as part of a correct macro –> micro analysis.

Click on the monthly MIFI chart to enlarge:

Click on weekly MIFI chart to enlarge:

Click on daily MIFI chart to enlarge:

Updated 01/12/15: 

Stock list of ‘IoT’ Internet of Things and ‘M2M’ Machine to Machine plays:

SWIR – Sierra Wireless, BBRY – Blackberry (former RIMM – Research In Motion), CAMP – Calamp, UBNT – Ubiquiti Networks, LOGM – Logmein, FSL – Freescale Semiconductor Holdings, NMRX – Numerex, ORBC – Orbcomm, FLTX – Fleetmatix Group, ITRN – Ituran Location & Control, ZBRA – Zebra Technologies, ESYS – Elecsys, BOSC – Better Online Solutions, MIFI (former NVTL) – Novatel Wireless, SIGM – Sigma Designs, CTRL – Control4 Corporation, LOJN – LoJack

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Updated 04/23/15:

MIFI Novatel Wireless – Bullish Monthly Buy Signal IoT + M2M Winning Stock

MIFI company description from Yahoo Finance:

Novatel Wireless, Inc. provides wireless broadband access solutions for the mobile communications market worldwide. It operates in the Mobile Computing Products, and M2M Products and Solutions segments. The Mobile Computing Products segment offers MiFi Intelligent Mobile Hotspots, the company’s flagship product providing connectivity option for Wi-Fi-enabled devices, such as iPad, Kindle, tablets, PCs, MP3 players, and gaming devices; USB and PC-Card modems for wireless broadband networks access; and embedded modules for use in computing devices, including laptop PCs, netbooks, tablets, and other electronic products to provide wireless broadband access. The M2M Products and Solutions segment provides MT, SA, and AT integrated solutions for monitoring and managing mobile and fixed assets, vehicle tracking and telemetric functions, and workforce tracking and management; Enabler III and HS embedded solutions for various products or equipment to communicate with other computers; and N4A software and design services, such as communications and management software, and design services primarily for asset management solutions. The company serves wireless operators, distributors, original equipment manufacturers, and various companies in vertical markets through direct sales force and distributors. Novatel Wireless, Inc. was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in San Diego, California.

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