MIFI Novatel Wireless Bullish Monthly Chart Buy Signal – IoT + M2M Winning Stock

by Olivier on April 22, 2015

The stock I labeled as my Favourite Aggressive Small Cap Play when it was trading @ 3.30, went on to confirm its W – Bottom pattern and today generated a long-term buy signal on the monthly chart confirming the strong new uptrend. MIFI – Novatel Wireless is now flashing an all green signal on multiple timeframes.

Along the way I kept publishing chart updates for MIFI on Twitter showing why it is a high potential stock.

Here’s the chart if you are not reading this on my website:

MIFI Novatel Wireless Chart Technical Analysis Uptrend Resuming Bullish Stock

Here’s the chart if you are not reading this on my website:

MIFI Novatel Wireless - All Stars Aligned

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, today an important long-term buy signal was generated. All that is needed now is for volume to surpass the black line I drew into the chart. That would be further indication we have a huge winner in the making. We are not there yet. But the technical picture couldn’t possibly look better at this point in time.

Click on the Monthly MIFI Chart Analysis to enlarge:

MIFI Novatel Wireless - Potential Super WInner

Conclusion: My favourite quote from Justin Mamis best describes the current situation:

Justin Mamis - Trading Quote - Crowd

Justin Mamis – When To Sell
Justin Mamis – Trading Wisdom

The crowd is bargain hunting in what was; the knowing are buying what will be. – Justin Mamis

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