Tape's Message Extremely Bullish For: RES – Rare Element Resources + VEN – Ventana Gold

by Olivier on October 1, 2009

Just two things I observed during the trading day. RES.V – Rare Element Resources and VEN.TO – Ventana Gold were up and literally doing their own thing regardless of what the market did. The tape’s message is unambiguous. These two stocks want up. The tape says the path of least resistance is up. All I can say is: Listen to the tape and act accordingly.

I did add a bit to my VEN.TO position today. My game plan is always the same. I cautiously add to my winners every now and then and I am closely monitoring my weakest positions. My job is to kill the losers in my portfolio. That said it is pretty obvious I am not exactly happy with AOT.V – Ascot Resources‘ performance so far. I went in too early. I still think the chart looks pretty decent and with good news this one should be able to move up significantly. Nevertheless this is my biggest loser. So if I lighten up or sell something this will be the first stock I sell.

Here’s the charts for RES.V and VEN.TO. That’s how big winners look like. Relentless buying pressure.


Up-to-date RES.V – Rare Elements Resources Chart on my public list.


Up-to-date VEN.TO – Ventana Gold Chart on my public list.

Listen to the tape. It tells the truth.

Have a great evening!

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