Animas Resources ANI TSX Venture – Starts Drilling Their Wholly Owned Gold District In Mexico

by Olivier on October 11, 2009

Now the time has come to write about ANI.V – Animas Resources. It is one of my portfolio positions and I still haven’t written about the reasons why I entered. I’m going to do this tonight. Although I’ve bought ANI.V a few weeks ago the rationale for my entry is still valid. These are the reasons I think this is a smart bet:

  • They own a whole district. This is crucial in order for a stock to develop true ‘story stock’ potential.
  • They are in Mexico. So far Mexico is considered a desirable country to build mines in. They can basically drill all year long. No weather issues.
  • Jeff Phillips is backing the stock. A balanced and professional guy. Listen to Jeff Phillips’ RES.V interview with Al Korelin.
  • Bob Bishop recently joined the board. Prior to that he joined RES.V’s board.
  • Lots of people who are responsible for RES.V – Rare Element Resources’ recent ongoing success are on board.
  • Well known geologists and executives are on board. Some came out of retirement in order to build this company and go for something they obviously view as a great opportunity.
  • Drilling is scheduled to start on October 12th 2009. That’s tomorrow.

I am just connecting the dots. Hugely successful people are backing the stock. They’ve done it before (Phelps Dodge being one example). They have had ample time to analyze all the data available and think about where the best targets to drill are located. Are there any guarantees? No. Successful trading is a game where your job is to play the odds. The right people are on board. As the saying goes: It’s people that make mines. I put my money where my mouth is. My bet is that chances are very high these people know exactly what they are doing and that ultimately they will be successful.

The drilling is about to start. Let the truth machine do the speaking. You can wait until the first drill results come out. I wanted to build a position beforehand. The extremely tight share structure will make it difficult to get in if they come out with great drill results. Let’s see what happens.

Animas Resources

Up-to-date ANI.V – Animas Resources Chart on my public list.

About Animas Resources Ltd.

Animas Resources Ltd., a North American mineral resource company focused on acquisition and discovery in Latin America, has re-consolidated the Santa Teresa District’s Santa Gertrudis gold deposits and prospects within a 562 square kilometer land holding. Our mission is to grow Animas Resources through discovery and acquisition of high quality mineral deposits and to build upon the historic gold resource base at Santa Gertrudis, Mexico, and maintain a pipeline of only the highest quality projects.

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