Rare Earth Elements Stealth Bull Market

by Olivier on September 1, 2009

The more I watch the tape the more I am starting to think the Rare Earth Elements are the place you want to put your money at work. I am slowly starting to think we are in a true stealth bull market. I am not sure yet but I will let the charts speak and I will listen to them. I guess in about 4 -6 weeks I’ll know If I am going to significantly increase my overall Rare Earth Elements exposure. I might start increasing my exposure earlier though. Not sure yet.

The two stocks with the most visibility AVL.TO – Avalon Rare Metals and RES.V — Rare Element Resources are displaying impressive strength. As of yet they are holding up much better than other stocks I am watching. The Lithium related stocks are doing very well but the REEs stocks right now look even stronger. Here is the link to the Rare Earth Elements Sector overview chart on my public list for additional stocks and trading ideas.

This is a great quote as it should be applied to trading the markets. Don’t have too strong an opinion. Let the charts guide you.

The greater the man, the less is he opinionative; he depends upon events and circumstances. – Napoleon Bonaparte –

Have a great evening!

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