Ucore Uranium UCU (TSX – Venture) – HREE – Heavy Rare Earth Elements Stock Shaping Up

by Olivier on August 19, 2009

Rare Earth Element and Lithium stocks have displayed impressive moves lately. My exposure to both sectors so far is limited to RES.V – Rare Element Resources and AVL.TO – Avalon Rare Metals. China’s recent announcements of plans to restrict and maybe stop Rare Earth Elements exports in order to secure resources for themselves has led to most stocks in the sector literally exploding to the upside. The reason is the desire to have supplies not controlled by the Chinese.

A very interesting candidate that just entered the scene with their Bokan Mountain property in Alaska is UCU.V – Ucore Uranium. So far it has been flying under the radar although it is one of the few Heavy Rare Earth Element deposits located in the US. I will closely monitor that stock as I plan to increase my exposure to REEs and Lithium stocks. The volume surge is impressive and could lead to further immediate gains. I will wait and see if the stock offers some kind of consolidation pattern for an entry.


Here’s the UCU.V – Ucore Uranium chart showing the huge volume and the recent impressive price increase. I keep the Sector Overview Charts up to date. Check them out to find new trading ideas and to compare the performance of the various stocks within a specific sector.


Administrative note
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