Reviewing Charts Of Technically Strong Stocks – MRZ.V, TAO.V, RVS.V, MMR, PL.V, MEX.V, ASYS, ALN, MXI.V, VTR.TO

by Olivier on January 28, 2010

Just finished updating my public list and thought I’d do one of those review posts where I simply write down a few thoughts that come to mind when going through the strong stocks I monitor on my public list and in the background. Scanning for above average volume still generates some interesting stock trading ideas with great potential but overall I see lots of weakness in the markets. As I’ve been stating for weeks I am being very conservative regarding my overall market exposure and I am in no hurry to open new positions like crazy. On to the charts:

  • MRZ.V – Mirasol Resources: Best chart I can find right now. Added to my position today.
  • RVS.V – Riverstone Resources: Newest addition to my public list. West Africa, a theme I am very bullish for 2010. Volume is pumping. Waiting for a consolidation.
  • TAO.V – Tag Oil: Recent public list addition. New Zealand oil and gas play. Great looking chart. Closely watching that one for possible entries. I think it needs more time to build pressure before it can stage a sustainable move to the upside.
  • MMR – McMoran Exploration: Excellent looking chart. This one will probably offer lots of great trading opportunities in 2010. Consolidation needs a bit more time to build a decent flag pattern.
  • VTR.TO – Volta Resources: West Africa. If the stock can trade back into the triangle pattern it will be a great sign of strength.
  • PL.V – Pan American Lithium: Recent public list addition. Technically speaking the best looking chart in the Lithium Sector. The rest of the pack is starting to get weaker. WLC.V – Western Lithium needs to prove itself soon. Otherwise the whole lithium sector may suffer.
  • MEX.V – Midlands Minerals: Excellent looking chart until the recent private placement at 0.35 was announced. Stock needs time to digest that. Patience.
  • MXI.V – Merrex Gold: Today’s long tail might have been a shakeout of weak hands. Stock needs to confirm that assumption and move up soon though.
  • ASYS – Amtech Systems + ALN – American Lorain: Two stocks that are not on my public list yet. Watching them in the background. Charts look rather good and the stories have decent potential. The charts will guide me.

I’m going to go where the markets take me.

Have a great evening!

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