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by Olivier on May 23, 2011

A while back I posted a video interview with ‘Trader Vic’, Victor Sperandeo and his take on hyperinflation. In today’s video, done by James Turk, Victor Sperandeo talks about the world economy and precious metals in particular. Here are a few other subjects covered in the interview:

  • Devaluation of the US Dollar continues –> Goal is to inflate away and wipe out debt
  • Gold still in a structural bull market and a good buy on weakness
  • Current conditions are unsustainable
  • USA living far beyond its means
  • Most likely tipping point –> Bond buyers will sell (Bill Gross cited as first mover)
  • Double dip risk remains
  • The European sovereign debt crisis situation and EURO outlook
  • Silver and Gold are long-term fundamentally driven objects
  • Silver price retracement still has to be considered normal
  • Silver bull market still intact
  • As long as government doesn’t change, precious metals are still the place to be

If you enjoyed the video, I sure did as I consider Victor Sperandeo a very level-headed professional avoiding all kinds of hyperbole and outlandish projections, you might want to re-watch his interview on hyperinflation:

Life all comes down to a few moments. This is one of them. – Charlie Sheen

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