Gold Moving Up In All Major Currencies

by Olivier on April 7, 2010

The most noticeable charts I saw going through my public list, were the two Gold Price Comparison Charts displaying Gold priced in all the major currencies. Select the chart that include the currency or currencies you are interested in:

Gold Price Comparison Sector Overview Chart I.

  • Gold in US Dollar
  • Gold in Euro
  • Gold in Canadian Dollar
  • Gold in Swiss Franc

Gold Price Comparison Sector Overview Chart II.

  • Gold in British Pound
  • Gold in Yen
  • Gold in South African Rand
  • Gold in Australian Dollar

Gold moved up in all major currencies and it looks like a new leg up is starting. It comes as no surprise gold is making new all time highs in Euro terms as the Euro isn’t able to stage any kind of bounce although it looks very oversold at these levels. The longer it takes for the Euro to bounce, the less likely it gets. My Euro vs. US Dollar chart analysis will then turn out to be wrong. The long term US Dollar vs. Euro charts still seem to favor the Euro. Time will tell.

What struck me is the fact Gold is telling us the Swiss Franc has to be considered one of the weaker currencies. Gold priced in Swiss Francs says the Swiss Franc might not be that healthy after all. In any case, the Sector Overview Charts make it easy to separate the wheat from the chaff. It’s easy to spot the strongest currencies. For now that’s the Canadian Dollar and the Australian Dollar.

You might want to revisit Victor Sperandeo’s video interview on hyperinflation. The article contains a link list related to Inflation and Trend Following.

I do not think it is an exaggeration to say history is largely a history of inflation, usually inflations engineered by governments for the gain of governments.
– Friedrich August von Hayek

My public list with all my charts can be viewed here:

Have a great evening!

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