New Zealand Market Overview – US And Canadian Listed Stock Trading Ideas

by Olivier on August 26, 2011

Added a New Zealand Sector Overview Chart to my public list. New Zealand has held up extremely well during the recent global downturn. The New Zealand Dollar has been a rather strong currency as well. Technically speaking the charts display decent relative strength. That is reason enough to monitor everything New Zealand related very closely. The new chart addition should make that an easy task:

The chart contains both US and Canadian listed stocks. The two Canadian listed stocks are what I would consider typical ‘High Potential Stocks’. Risk is high but potential returns are what makes these stocks worth monitoring very closely. Actually TAO.TO – TAG Oil has been part of my public list for quite some time now. The stock has been trading in a long sideways consolidation pattern. We’ll see if it can break out to the upside once the consolidation period ends. The components that are part of the chart are the following:

  • ENZL – iShares MSCI New Zealand
  • $NZD – New Zealand Dollar
  • NZT – Telecom New Zealand
  • TAO.TO – TAG Oil
  • NZ.V – New Zealand Energy

From TAO.TO – TAG Oil’s website: TAG Oil Ltd. is a rapidly growing, profitable oil and gas producer with high impact exploration activities in New Zealand. Not only do shareholders enjoy the benefits of a stable economic and political environment, New Zealand is a lightly-explored oil and gas frontier with highly profitable oil and gas discoveries, a modern, underutilized infrastructure and one of the most favorable fiscal regimes for oil and gas production in the world. These are just a few of the factors that make New Zealand the perfect backdrop for an international company like TAG Oil to grow.

From NZ.V – New Zealand Energy’s website: New Zealand Energy Corp. (NZEC) is a publicly-traded company (TSX-V: NZ) focused on the exploration and development of oil and natural gas prospects in New Zealand, with first production targeted for year-end 2011. NZEC controls nearly 2 million acres of land with numerous oil and gas showings. NZEC is using modern technology to unlock the potential of these underexplored conventional and unconventional deposits, with the objective of becoming New Zealand’s next oil and gas producer. NZEC was formed in 2010 to pursue new opportunities for energy exploration resulting from New Zealand’s growing encouragement of energy exploration. NZEC has moved quickly to secure the properties, the people and the capital required to transform resources into reserves and drive corporate growth, and is systematically executing its business plan to add shareholder value and build a world-class energy company.

More on New Zealand:

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