Hellmeyer Video Interview – Europe Inflation Gold

by Olivier on December 16, 2011

Here’s an interesting view on Europe and America from a European’s perspective. James Turk interviews Volker Hellmeyer who addresses quite a few issues Americans simply do not focus upon. So for those of you interested in analyzing the current situation from a different angle, this is a must see video interview. It never hurts to get exposure to contrasting views in order to stay balanced. In a nutshell he sees much higher gold prices in 5-10 years, he thinks Europe is not in such a bad shape and he talks about the structural problems America needs to tackle.

Something that comes to mind here is what bull and bear markets are all about:

Bull markets are about unity, bear markets are about division.

What we are witnessing right now is nations focusing on other nations weaknesses. America is bashing Europe in order to distract from their own problems. Europe is pointing to America’s structural problems and accounting issues in order to distract from their problems. My point is: This is not about being right or wrong. The name of the game is “rotation”. The focus is now on Europe. It’s everyone’s guess how long that will be the case. Then the focus will shift. Then we repeat the process. As a trader my job is to keep in check strong opinions. Instead, I try to gauge sentiment and then focus on timing my trades. Then I manage risk with open positions. Enjoy the video!

If you can’t wait for good setups, you will be ready for them with less cash to trade. – Dan Zanger

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Buenas noches!

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