Ventana Gold (VEN-TSX) – Billionaire Buying More Stock

by Olivier on October 10, 2009

It all started with Ross Beaty buying 2 million shares of VEN.TO – Ventana Gold around 2.00$ at the end of May 2009. In addition to the great technical set-up at that time that was the hint for me to go in as well. Then the stock came up with huge drill results. Lots of people were screaming ‘overvalued’… It has run up ‘too much too fast’… You get the picture. Then Brazilian billionaire (that’s a ‘B’) Eike Batista bought heavily into the stock at around 4$. Then the stock consolidated and just recently announced more huge drill results. After those results came out 63X Master Fund one of Eike Batista’s funds bought in heavily again.

Now the stock sure must be overvalued. See a pattern? Think twice before you sell. Listen to the chart’s message.

Ventana Gold

Up-to-date VEN.TO – Ventana Gold Chart on my public list.

Let’s see how BOW.V – Bowmore Exploration is going to do when news start flowing. Another Ross Beaty connection. Another situation with high reward potential where lots of smart money is involved. Patience…

Bowmore Exploration

Up-to-date BOW.V – Bowmore Exploration Chart on my public list.

I’m going to say it again. Stick to your winners.

Have a great weekend!

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